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10 design tricks that are out of fashion and will not be back soon

  • Anonymous

    Crap full!
    Design trends change as often as in fashion.
    And the design solutions presented in the selection are intended for large country houses in which you can create dressing rooms and storage rooms, but not for city apartments, where every meter of space sometimes has significant practical importance and cannot be left “just free”!

  • Anonymous

    The author, apparently, does not know that people buy and order themselves in an apartment (house), and, in general, how the majority of the people live in the country. I make furniture 18 years. The article should be renamed: "10 design receptions that are NOT out of fashion, and will never go away"))

  • Anonymous
  • Fashion is dictated by manufacturers who need to sell their products and make a profit. What does it mean - out of fashion? A. may be comfortable for people. Fashion is the imposition of ideas in order to make a profit. That’s all.

  • Anonymous

    We are only a purse with legs for manufacturers.It is not enough for them to direct advertising, they also put pressure on the psyche - it is not very close! You luuuzer !!! Buyaaaaaa!

  • Anonymous

    Of all of the above, I would definitely not buy a corner and a fotoaboi now, the rest suffers

  • Olga

    Realistic wallpapers I want to go to the kitchen on one wall. I want to blonis to the kitchen !!! But the doors of the cabinet exactly, I want without decor, continuous from floor to ceiling. Bright mastic if I want to do it myself. In general, the soap is not furniture is even more stupid than fashion for clothes. Although trends can be followed, but to renew furniture every five years is insanity.


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