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10 things you need for a ski or snowboarding vacation

Mask or glasses

Some will easily spend more time on choosing the right ones than on purchasing skis or snowboards. After all, the number of models is huge, and there are fashionable ones with mirrored glasses of various shapes, with palm trees and costume stripes on the straps. Look for the model in which you yourself like yourself in the mirror and in self-photographs, but keep in mind that if the mask is not universal, then as the weather changes, filters will also have to be changed. Of the two options - a mask and glasses - the first is not only more functional in different conditions, but also safer, because it protects your face from impact.

Spy Ski Mask

Spy Ski Mask (14 220 rub.)

Dressing band

We, Russians, are accustomed to any weather whims and we are not surprised at any cold, but even so, the wind with snow in the face when you are flying down the mountain at a speed of about 50 km / h is an indescribably unpleasant feeling. The collar of the jacket does not savebut it helps a special alpine ski dressing-puff - it is made of thin fabric and fits comfortably under the mask or is pulled over the chin.

Kjus dressing

Kjus dressing band (3 080 rub. On a discount)

A cap

Special ski hats are not just a tribute to the resort fashion. Inside they have a fleece layer that protects from wind and moisture. It is for the same reason that ordinary hats are not so good on the slopes: they can blow you into them during skiing, even if you have never noticed anything like this in everyday life.

Eisbaer hat

Cap Eisbaer (2 999 rubles)

Gloves or mittens

When you were a child, you were told the difference: it is warmer in mittens and more comfortable in gloves. But the ski gloves have another drawback: they have more stitches, and therefore they quickly become useless compared to mittens from the same material. As for quality, the most durable and warm - leather gloves and mittens. But they are also the most expensive in the range of any brand.

Leki gloves

Gloves Leki (8 775 rubles).

Thermal underwear

An extremely important part of the sports wardrobe, which many ignore. And very vain! It is better to put on any of H & M or Bershka instead of the “real” ski sweatshirt, but thermal underwear - a long-sleeved sweater and leggings - to be purchased separately and from sportsbrand. Thermal underwear will do the main heating work for everyone - it will keep comfortable body temperature under clothes.

Loffler thermal underwear

Loffler thermal underwear (11 200 rub.)


Here snowboarders, and skiers are in solidarity at one point - the helmet. First of all, it should not be too cheap to be of high quality. Further wishes diverge: snowboarders often get protection on the ass and hands - those parts of the body on which beginners fall most often. Skiers, with special care, protect their knees - they often suffer from both beginners and pro.

Uvex helmet

Helmet Uvex (12 999 rubles)


The first thing all the girls look at is color. The second is the length (yes, if it covers the ass, then it is really warmer and more comfortable). Before you still buy the one that you have to taste, take note of three key words - pockets, "skirt" and density. The more pockets - for skipass, for the camera, for the wallet and spare points, the more functional the jacket will be. Inside, there must be a so-called "skirt" - an elastic band on the buckle that prevents snow from falling under the jacket, which is especially important for snowboarders.And finally, from two variants - a winter down jacket and a spring thin jacket - it is better to choose the first one in order to ride in the down jacket over the thermal underwear in the spring, instead of freezing in winter in a thin jacket over two sweaters.

Mountain Force Jacket

Mountain Force Jacket (29,400 RUB. At a discount)


Buy and measure them only with a jacket, and not at a distance, so that both things fit into the kit. And it's better to have shoes nearby, too, to make sure that the pants get on your shoes and do not sit like sports breeches that are monstrously small. Braces and pockets are minor details, but if they are, it is more convenient than if they are not there at all.

Mountain Force Pants

Pants Mountain Force (18 000 rubles at a discount)


Both ski and snowboarding are united by one factor: the higher the speed and the harder the tracks, the harder the shoe model will be. Soft snowboarding or semi-plastic light ski boots are designed for jumping and stunts for pros or for beginners. By the way, snowboard boots, unlike ski boots and regardless of their rigidity, you will have to bandage from time to time, so for both buying and renting, look for a system of metal strands Boa - it is for different brands and will allow you to tighten the shoe in just a few seconds.

 Alpine skiing Salomon X Pro 100

Alpine skiing Salomon X Pro 100 (23 000 rub. On a discount)


"Women's" equipment for skiing and snowboarding are not made by any special designs and materials, but by color and size. For example, you will most likely find small sizes of snowboards ranging from 140 to 145 sentiments either in women's or children's collections - they are designed for weights up to 55–60 kilograms. By the way, your weight when choosing equipment is perhaps more important indicator than your height - for example, the indicator of ski bindings will depend on it, so that skis can be unfastened on time in case of a fall in order to avoid injuries. What model and brand to choose - this key question is easier to decide on the spot in the store or at a rental point, but you should think in advance about information that will help you decide. First of all, this is your objective level of skating, taking into account the experience of past seasons (or lack thereof). And secondly, the style of your skiing, but with an orientation not on the past, but on the future - what you would like to try on your new equipment or on a skiing ski or board in the coming week of holidays.


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