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10 ways to save on travel without deny yourself anything

The long-awaited vacation is not only freedom, happiness, sleep and rest. It is also a great waste that can spoil the whole impression.

Want to enjoy a holiday in full, but not willing to spend a fortune? This is possible. Specialists online travel agencies OZON. travel has compiled for readers of Wday.ru a list of practical tips that will help save money - on money, but not on impressions.

Plan your trip in advance

If you already know where you want to spend your next vacation, and a work or family schedule allows you to build long-term plans, then early booking is the best option. So you can save from 50 to 20 percent of the amount and buy with this money extra nights of the tour and excursions, and maybe update the wardrobe for the trip. An alternative option - last minute trips, a real Christmas sale in the world of tourism.

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Choose not the most popular dates

If you have the opportunity to choose travel dates outside the All-Russian Holiday Schedule and School Holidays, do so. During peak periods, the flow of tourists increases, and the resort service in many countries popular among Russians is becoming more expensive. In addition, prices for the highest dates increase instantly and decrease as instantly as soon as the clock strikes midnight and another working day comes in Russia.

Think carefully about the living conditions

You plan to buy excursions lasting several days, or you want to rent a car and drive around the whole country on your own - is it really necessary to have an all-inclusive with three meals a day? Are you dreaming to sleep before noon - will you have time for breakfast, which paid? Do not like to swim in the open water - why do you need a hotel with its own beach? Spend a little more time to find the hotel to your taste, and do not overpay for services that you will not use.

Be interested in the list of free hotel services

Many hotels are ready to please guests of all kinds of bonuses. It can be drinking bottled water in unlimited quantities, a city tour or even a real gift in the form of a spa ticket or a ski-pass for the duration of your stay.

Turn off the hiking trail more often

Stroll through the districts and lanes that are popular with locals. Here you can not only save on coffee and lunch, but also try the real local cuisine. The same rule applies to retail stores, tour agencies and car rental.

Use discount systems

Family passes to zoos, morning hours in museums, travel cards for a few days ... Expenses to visit attractions often amount to half the cost of the entire trip, and such bonuses are a good way to save money. If you are enrolled in a higher education institution, it is worth spending the day and issue an International Student ID. On it in 130 countries of the world you will receive a discount in cafes, restaurants, shops and hotels. And in some museums, theaters and cultural centers you will be let through without any charge.

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Do not forget about roaming

Regular posts with beautiful views, stories on WhatsApp and videos in stories ... If this is about you, do not forget to limit or disable data transfer. Send files or call only if there is wi-fi. If you are traveling for a relatively long time or are planning to travel a lot around the country,Consider buying a local operator card or a universal tourist SIM card.

Try a new trend - bleisure

Add to your business trip a few days to rest, for which you will have time to see new places, visit friends or just sleep. Such a mini-vacation will help you save on tickets (after all, the company will pay for them), expand your horizons and get back to work with new forces. At the planning stage, coordinate this option with the authorities and always carefully check the dates of the tickets.

Make free event maps

Master classes, thematic film screenings, clubs of lovers of a spoken foreign language, music services, exhibitions of urban artists ... Such events are gaining popularity all over the world (Russia is not an exception). You can participate in them completely free of charge or for a nominal fee. But their main advantage is not even this: the main gift for you will be bright impressions, new acquaintances, good mood and, possibly, practical benefits.

Travel in the company

A trip with people dear to your heart is a guarantee of a wonderful mood on vacation.By the way, living together or three in one room is also a good way to save money. Of course, double- and triple-numbers are more expensive than single, but you will divide this cost into all, so that in the end you will win. The same system operates when ordering a taxi or rent a car. The more a person, the less everyone pays. And remember, shared memories are priceless.


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