25 Simple Money-Saving Beauty Tips

It seems as though every time a beauty product runs out in our arsenal, we realize that nearly all of our products are either empty or low. You know how it goes: You then go to the store and end up spending way more than you’d initially planned. This is always frustrating because beauty products can really put a dent in your wallet. We don’t mind splurging every so often, but when it comes to basics, it is nice to be able to save some money.
Here are some of our favorites tips to help save you from falling into the trap of having to go out and buy all new products all at once. Instead, look to what you already have! This advice ranges from creating your own homemade products to finding beauty items that have multiple uses — all to help you get the most out of the beauty products that you have already.
  1. You don’t have to spend money on scrubs! Try a homemade one using brown sugar and honey.
  2. When your French manicure chips, use white-out to touch up your tips instead of going back to the salon.
  3. Johnson’s Baby No More Tears shampoo is a great makeup remover and lasts longer than the tiny bottles of makeup remover you’d find at the drugstore.
  4. When your perfume gets too low to spray, mix it in with a unscented lotion or body wash to get the most out of your signature scent.
  5. Cinnamon is actually the active ingredient in lip plumpers, so for a fuller pout, go to your local food store and pick up some cinnamon oil.
  6. If you recycle your old makeup containers, companies like MAC will give you a free lipstick! Other companies such as Stila use refillable containers so that you only have to buy the color instead of a whole new compact.
  7. Large-sized shampoos and conditioners can save you money because they will last longer and give you more bang for your buck.
  8. Try bar soap over body wash because it’s typically cheaper and actually creates less waste in the environment.
  9. Buy time in between your next hair coloring by using a root touch-up kit.
  10. Combine all of your low bottles of shampoo and conditioner to create one super-charged shampoo.
  11. Trust us: You actually only need a nickel-sized amount of product, not an entire palm full.
  12. Make sure you put the lid back on tighteverytime you use a product. This extends the life of any product.
  13. Invest in multi-taskers; You may be spending more for one product, but you will definitely getplentyof use out of it.
  14. Cut your own bangs!
  15. Cut your cotton rounds or makeup sponges in half. You will get more use out of them and will still have plenty of surface area.
  16. Instead of going to the salon for a hair mask, try using an avocado mask. istock 000020516400small 25 Simple Money Saving Beauty Tips
  17. Eye shadow palettes not only have a variety of shades but can also be used as eyeliner, highlighter and brow filler.
  18. Preserve your hair color by only washing it every other day. On the weekends, try giving your hair a break from heat damage as well.
  19. Vaseline is a beauty do-all. You can use it as a lip balm, heel softener, and makeup remover.
  20. Get a few more uses out of your mascara by warming the tube in hot water or with a blow dryer to loosen it up.
  21. Run out of hair serum? Use a dime-sized amount of lotion or baby oil to smooth out tresses.
  22. When you run out of shaving cream, try using conditioner instead.
  23. Can’t afford to get a manicure? Soak your nails in hot water, then use a warm wash cloth to push cuticles back.
  24. Instead of going out and buying a heated eyelash curler, simply heat it up under your blow dryer for 30 seconds to get the same results.


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