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3 ways to create curtains without a single seam

There are many situations in which you urgently need to get curtains or curtains. And there is not always time and desire to do something capital and expensive. For example, for temporary housing, such as a hostel or a rented apartment, you need such curtains, which then, perhaps, have to be converted to a window of a completely different size.

Therefore, this method of window decoration can be very useful. It does not need a lot of fabric, and there are several different styles of fastening that can be alternated. Choose the one that you like best, or change the appearance of the window every few days - the design is universal!

No. 1 Alternative to the bothered blinds - the Roman curtain without seams.

№2 Curtain without seams with two brooches or clips.

No. 3 Curtain without seams with one brooch in the middle.

Necessary materials:

  • Meter fabric suitable colors. You can choose more expensive material in the department for decoration, or do with cheap cotton fabric
  • Meter lining fabric (if you want the curtain to be thick enough)
  • Glue for textiles (or thermotape)
  • Scissors
  • Roulette
  • Iron
  • The basis for the Roman curtains (for the first version)
  • One or two decorative brooches for a second or third

The author of the master class tried to work with a thermal tape, a melting iron, and with a special textile glue. You can choose the option that seems to be more convenient for you.

1. Measure the width of your window. This curtain, in the first place, is designed for a narrow window. For wider openings need a few curtains. After measurements, the fabric is cut to the desired width with an allowance of 5 cm at each edge. The width of the fabric should be at least 1 meter. In the textile store, the fabric is likely to be wider.

2. Cover the edges of the fabric on all sides and iron so that the fold lines are well fixed. If you use a meltable thermal tape, put it between the edges and the base from the inside out and once again walk the fabric with a hot iron. If you are working with textile glue - just smear the edges with it and press them for a while.

3. If your choice fell on the Roman blinds, you need to make slots for the rods on the edges of the canvas. To do this, simply bend the fabric in such a way that a narrow pocket is formed on the inside, and fasten its edges using the selected glue.You can assemble the entire curtain design after the glue has completely dried. To make the core of the frame easier to push into the pocket, you need to remove the rubber tip on one side.

Curtains seamlessly lined

1. Process the edges of the decorative fabric in the same manner as described above. Cut a part of the same size from lining fabric and process it in the same way. Align the two purl sides together on an ironing board or other work surface.

2. After that you need to connect the edges of two canvases and glue them together.

3. According to the author of this master class, it is still more convenient to work with adhesive thermal tape ...

4. The tape is easy to fasten around the perimeter, walk on it with a hot iron, and then just remove the paper base.

5. This procedure should be repeated with the rest of the edges. After that, the curtain should be left to cool.

6.And no needles or sewing machines!

7. Iron the curtain so that it does not have folds and creases. Just try not to pass along the edges of the iron. After that, fill the outer rods of the Roman curtains into the corresponding pockets and fasten the curtain on the window.

8. Curtain length can be up to the window sill or more.With the help of intermediate rods you can change it.

9. Install the rods to wrinkle at the desired distance from the edge so that the curtain passes under them.

10. Pull the fabric from two sides above the upper shaft to create a fold of the desired size.

11. Now repeat the same with the second rod. Perhaps, in order for the folds to be the same, you will have to adjust a little ...

Depending on the width of the folds, the window will be closed to a greater or lesser extent.

Curtains with brooches make it even easier.

The curtain can be sewn with two rods, as in the first embodiment. But it can be limited to only one top mount. Make sure that the brooches or clips that you have chosen are strong enough to withstand the fabric. Alternatively, you can fix the edges of the fabric with pins. In this case, you can use any decor, including ordinary clips.

1. If you want to use this method of fastening for the same curtain, which was originally sewn like a Roman one, just fix both edges (upper and lower) on the upper part of the window. The curtain will be two times shorter.

2. Then simply pick the edge of the curtains in one or more places and secure with a pin or brooch.

3. Brooches will allow you to fix the formed folds.If you want to use two brooches, it is better to remove the lower rod. Such folds look better on a thin canvas.

Form the folds of the desired shape and fix them with brooches or clips.

And one more way of fastening ...

This is the way of fastening curtains with knitting needles suggested by one of the catalogs. The upper part is simply mounted at a different distance from the top edge of the window.

It turns out that one meter of fabric and several meters of adhesive thermal tape can make such a universal curtain!


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