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How to Be Amazing

Five Methods:

Amazing people come from all different walks of life. They are unique individuals who have discovered and chosen to live by a few universal truths. Amazing men and women strive to be authentic individuals who embrace change and love those around them.


Becoming the Most Awesome Version of Yourself

  1. Be yourself.Authenticity is awesome. You have a set of qualities and quirks that make you unique. Once you make the decision to lead an authentic life, take time to identify the unique characteristics that form your identity. After discovering your true self, choose to be yourself.
    • Don't be afraid to be you!
  2. Be positive.Awesome people have amazingly positive attitudes. All positive people are not Pollyannas. Rather, positive people have the ability to see the good and the bad in a situation, but choose to focus only on the best possible outcome. In an effort to become a more positive person, consider implementing the following changes:
    • Surround yourself with positive people. Like stress, happiness is contagious. If you have more positive influences in your life, you are more likely to become a positive person.
    • Journal or meditate regularly. These practices have been known to increase a person’s positive thoughts.
    • Practice positive self talk. Whenever you have a negative thought, counter it with positive reinforcement. For example, if you catch yourself thinking, “I can’t do [fill in the blank],” respond to yourself with “I know I can succeed at [fill in the blank.”
  3. Be persistent.Awesome individuals are dreamers; they pursue their passions relentlessly. A persistent person is often goal oriented, driven, adaptable, confident, and self-disciplined.
    • Identify your goals. What do you want to achieve today, next week, within your lifetime? Do you have a vision that consumes your thoughts?
    • Stop making excuses. Don’t put off activities you claim to be passionate about.
    • Be adaptable. Instead of making excuses, find a way to accomplish your goals.
    • Remain confident. Don’t pay the naysayers any attention. You are capable of achieving your goals.
    • Remain disciplined. As you strive to achieve your dreams, stay motivated and focused.
  4. Be mindful.Mindful individuals are acutely aware of their body and mind. Their practice of mindfulness equips them to live in the present, cope with stressors, and evaluate their emotions. Incorporating mindfulness into your daily routine can propel you towards becoming the most awesome version of your authentic self. Many achieve mindfulness through meditation.
    • Sit in a quiet, calming environment. You goal is to enter into a state of focused relaxation. Concentrate on your breathing or a one-word mantra. Allow your thoughts to enter and exit your mind freely and without judgement. As you meditate, your thoughts may focus on the following: your body—what sensations are you experiencing from your head to your toes?; your senses—what do you hear, smell, see, feel, and taste?; your emotions—what are you feeling? When you notice yourself wandering, return your attention to your breathing or mantra. Continue to meditate until you can no longer focus.

Excelling at School

  1. Remain organized.Amazing students are aware that their time and resources are valuable. As a result, they manage their time and resources wisely. They have the correct tools, equipment, and readings for each class. They are aware of due dates, test dates, and exam dates. They set aside time for studying and time for a social life.
    • Be prepared for each class.
    • Keep your notebooks organized.
    • Write important dates down in your planner.
    • Make studying and homework a priority.
  2. Ask questions and seek assistance.Amazing students recognize the limits of the knowledge. They aren’t ashamed to ask clarifying questions. They seek out additional resources, such as instructional videos, on topics that confuse them. When they need additional help, they attend tutoring sessions and their professor’s office hours.
    • Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  3. Accept and seek feedback.Criticism is hard to hear and easy to ignore. Excellent students, however, are not offended by feedback. Occasionally, they will even ask their professors for ways to improve. They use criticism to enhance their academic performance.
    • Read through your teacher’s comments on papers, tests, and exams. Implement any suggested changes on your next assignment, draft, or assessment.
    • Don’t take criticism personally. If you are confused by a comment, ask your professor for clarification.
    • Ask your professors for ways you can improve your writing.

Excelling at Work

  1. Be exceptionally productive.Awesome employees are extremely efficient and proficient because they love their jobs. Their desire to succeed, inspires them to impress colleagues and contribute to the team. They have an incredible work ethic that prevents them from complaining about additional responsibilities.
    • Find a job that you enjoy.
    • Work hard to excel at completing your assignments.
    • Accept additional responsibilities willingly. They will lead to incredible opportunities.
  2. Solve problems.Incredible employees are willing to set aside their personal opinions and agenda for the benefit of the company. Rather than spending time politicking for a promotion or gossiping about a colleague, they dedicate their energy to finding unique solutions to the company’s problems. They value results over petty differences.
    • Commit to finding solutions instead of creating problems.
    • Set aside your personal views and work to find the solution that benefits the company.
  3. Accept help and guidance.The best employees are willing to admit that they don’t have all of the answers. They don’t let their ego prevent them from doing their job correctly. When necessary, they ask for advice and guidance from junior and senior colleagues.
    • Find a mentor in your industry.
    • Ask your colleagues for help and advice.
    • Include junior members of staff in your work process. They will appreciate it and it will give you a chance to mentor others.

Excelling at Life

  1. Continue to learn.Well-rounded, lifelong learners are awesome men and women. Inquisitive individuals are invested in understanding the world around them. As a result, they are often more aware of world cultures and current events, and more accepting of people’s differences as well. In an effort to increase your knowledge, allow your natural curiosity to lead you to new knowledge and equip you with new skills. Consider asking more questions, staying abreast of current events, and learning from those around you.
  2. Take risks.Everyone has a comfort zone; awesome people choose to live on or over the edge of theirs. There a several benefits to taking to road less traveled:
    • When you take a risk, you put yourself in the path of exciting challenges and new opportunities.
    • Taking a risk empowers you to extend your limits.
    • Your exercise the creative and logical areas of your brain.
    • Exiting your comfort zone can lead to an unexpected, positive outcome.
    • Taking a risk can put your goals and desires in perspective.
    • When you consistently take risks, you learn to lead a life uninhibited by expectations and limits.
  3. Have an open mind.There are several unexpected benefits of keeping an open mind that can transform you into an amazing person. When you have an open mind, you:
    • Allow yourself to relinquish control of your thoughts and experiences.
    • Allow yourself to adapt and change as you learn new things.
    • Allow yourself to be vulnerable.
    • Accept that failure can lead to new beginnings and better things.
    • Craft your own identity.
    • Develop a strong sense of self.
    • Become capable of admitting that you are wrong or don’t know.
  4. Develop your talents.Nurturing your natural talents can lead to awesome opportunities and self discoveries. When you explore and develop your skills, you can make amazing contributions to the world around you. Perhaps you have the potential to inspire people with your athletic ability, move them with your music, or tantalize their taste buds with delicious food.

Excelling at Relationships

  1. Treat others with respect.Awesome individuals treat others the way they wish to be treated. As you transform into an awesome individual, go out of your way to show respect to strangers, colleagues, friends, and family members. You can respect a person’s opinion, space, body, and belongings.
  2. Help those in need.In a world that seems to be driven by a this-for-that sentiment, practicing kindness for its own sake is amazing. If you are looking for ways to help people, consider:
    • Assisting your parents with yard work.
    • Volunteering at a local nursing home.
    • Cooking a friend a meal.
    • Revising your sibling’s paper.
  3. Listen to others.Having the ability to actively listen to others is an amazing trait. People appreciate when their voice is acknowledged and their feelings are validated. You can improve your listening skills by:
    • Putting away and ignoring all forms of distractions, such as your phone, while someone is speaking.
    • Maintaining eye contact with the person that is talking.
    • Smiling and nodding at the individual to let them know you hear what they are saying.
    • Mirroring the speaker’s facial expressions to demonstrate that you are empathizing with them.


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