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"50 shades of gray" - the worst film of the year

While Leonardo DiCaprio shines his golden statuette to shine and sends the rays of light and heat to director Alejandro Gonzalez Inyarrita for having invited him to the lead role in The Survivor, Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan have disconnected the phones and do not want to see anyone. Well, at the expense of the last "couple" we are not sure, we have no idea what they are doing there, but they are probably upset - after all, on the eve of the main movie ceremony of the year they also received an award, but one that is better not to tell ... " Golden Raspberry "for very, very dubious achievements in the cinema. The 36th anti-award, which is being presented in Los Angeles before the Oscars since 1981, was awarded to the painting Fifty Shades of Gray. And the jury marked the tape not only in the nomination "The worst film of the year", but also in the nominations "The worst director", "Bad cast" and "The disgusting script".

"50 shades of gray" - the worst film of the year

Also, the “bitter raspberries” this year collected the films “Fantastic Four”, “Ascent of Jupiter” and “Best Man for Hire”.


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