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6 of the coolest films of the Coen brothers, chairmen of Cannes 2015

We have rains, and the 58th Cannes Film Festival is in full swing on the Cote d'Azur. The jury of the main competition this year is luxurious both visually (Sienna Miller, Rossi de Palma, Sophie Marceau, Roquia Traore) and conceptually (Xavier Dolan, Guillermo del Toro).
The jury is presided over by Joel and Ethan Coen, themselves four times the owners of the Golden Palm. We love the Coen brothers for black humor and ironic absurdity, for charming villains who almost in all films go crazy on pancakes, for the best woman police officer and the sweetest of all Lebowski in the world. Today we will recall the best, in our opinion, pictures of the most famous brothers of world cinema (especially after Larry Wachowski became Lena).

Barton Fink 1991

Boudon Fink (John Torturo), a playwright screenwriter whose play was a success in New York, yielded to persuasion and went to Los Angeles to write a script for a film about wrestlers.Barton settles in a completely non-Hollywood hotel, where neighbors are noisy, and the wallpaper comes off from the heat. The script gets stuck on the first paragraph, Barton feels lonely even though communicating with the local drinking genius, whose prototype, judging by the mustache, was William Faulkner. Our writer is almost in a panic, but he is helped by the vital neighbor in the hotel Charlie. This hero - almost the best role of John Goodman. He is a simpleton, a sage, a best friend, a criminal and a maniac, finally the devil. The scene, in which Goodman quickly walks through the burning corridor of the hotel, is difficult to forget. Like the wonderful Cohen, but quite in the spirit of David Lynch, the mysteries without answers: “What's in the box?”, “Who is this girl by the ocean?”

Fargo 1995

The hacked motor show manager hires two thugs to kidnap his wife. The ransom will be paid by a rich father-in-law, part of the customer will take it himself, some will give to the performers. But, naturally, everything goes awry.
Cohen characters are always more of a plot, and in the "Fargo" the atmosphere is also outperformed the story line: wide frames with snow-covered spaces, native to the Coen of Minnesota. “Fargo” we owe to the existence of the most coherent and charming hero of the Coens, a police officer in the eighth month of pregnancy, Marge.She played the wonderful Frances McDormand, the wife of one of the brothers - Joel.

“Big Lebowski”, 1998

Unemployed pofigist Jeffrey Lebowski (Jeff Bridges) can not stand when they call him Mr. Lebowski. He - Dude, Dyudya (Dude in other translations). Dyudya plays bowling with his friends (the beloved actors of the Coens, John Goodman and Steve Buscemi), drinks and smokes weed. Once two mordovorot burst in on him and the headstock required. It turns out that there is another Lebowski, a rich man and a benefactor, whose wife owes money. Dudya reluctantly gets involved in this story ...
The film has long become a cult. It is because of him that many people play bowling, drink the “White Russian” cocktail and are kind to their carpet, which “sets the style of the whole room”.

“Older people do not belong here”, 2007

Someone calls this film the most beloved, and someone - the most unloved of Koenovskaya filmography. The picture really stands apart from the directors' gloomy jokes of the directors, it’s just gloomy and serious before the eyes. In the center is a criminal story about how a simple hard worker, a Vietnam veteran, finds a truck with heroin and lots of money.The best killer of all time Anton Chigur performed by Javier Bardem is following in his wake.

"After reading the burn," 2008

Another film, with characters that can create at least five great spin-offs, as cynical and funny as this movie. A handful of Hollywood stars in the roles of idiots and just unpleasant types - what could be funnier?
Tilda Swinton - the greedy bitch-traitor; John Malkovich is a jerky CROWN-drunk; Brad Pitt (the funniest one) is a blunt but energetic employee of a fitness center with metrosexual tendencies; Frances McDormand is a fitness club worker who dreams of doing five plastic surgeries in order to achieve perfection and find a good man. A good man, by the way, is watching the whole movie. This is a sports club manager, played by Richard Jenkins. Especially nice is that Frances McDormand became his film-elastic in the excellent recent TV series “What Does Olivia Know?”.

"Inside Lewin Davis", 2012

Retro Road Movie with a sweet folk singer from Queens. He has no success, sorts out unsold records, spends the night with friends and the former, drags around with a lovely red kotyara, unsuccessfully trying to keep afloat. The Coens look warmly when they turn to this weak-willed loser.Maybe because he sings great. In the Coen's career there were musical films, but this, with Oscar Isaac, is certainly the best.


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