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6 places to swim in September and October

The bad news: the summer is gone and in the next seven months is unlikely to return again. The good news is that if your vacation came at the end of September or October, then you still have a chance to “snatch” a piece of summer, despite the fact that some travel agents will insist that the majority of popular resorts are not in the bathing season anymore. Indeed, it will not be possible to lie down on the beach until 21:00, as at the end of June, but, on the other hand, other bonuses will be available to you: no queues at museums, a tolerable number of tourists and low prices not only for hotels, but even for food. Oh yeah, and after the August holiday boom, the price of air travel is finally falling back to adequate. So feel free to plan the autumn holidays for the summer scenario, and we prepared 6 places, where in September-October it is still warm and cool.

Sicily, Italy

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Up to the middle of October the sea off the coast of Sicily is still warm, and the number of holidaymakers on the beach with each week only decreases.Even longer, the warm water is kept in bays - for example, in the fishing village of Cefalu near Palermo (by the way, it is also a spa resort) and in the shallow waters of the gulf near Isola Bell in Taormina. Sicily, including, you can safely consider also as a gastronomic direction and not a bit upset that you will spend more time in restaurants than on the beach. Here, even festivals are devoted to food more often than art: until September 18, for example, the festival of ice cream and sorbets will last, and until the 30th - couscous and African cuisine.

The approximate cost of the flight on the route Moscow - Palermo - Moscow in October: from 20 900 rub.

The approximate cost of a double room in a 3 * hotel in October:from 2 200 rubles.

Faro, Portugal


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In Lisbon, the warm weather lasts for three autumn months, but cold winds blow even in August, so if your goal is not to look at the houses of painted tiles and quaint curved streets, and lie down on the beach and try seafood. to the south of the country, in Faro or Albufeira. In their vicinity are the most beautiful and extremely calm for the Atlantic (sorry, surfers!) Beaches - Marinha and Falesia.The first is surrounded by rocks like those painted by Monet, and the second - by beige-green hills, which seem to recede from the shore, so that the beach turns out to be spacious and wide. If you do not want to take a car to search for secluded bays, then rent a boat for several hours to see the Martian red-orange landscapes of these places from the water.

The approximate cost of the flight on the route Moscow-Faro-Moscow in October:from 28 400 rubles.

The approximate cost of a double room in a 3 * hotel in October:from 4 200 rubles.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

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September and October in Dubrovnik - a real velvet season, when the water temperature does not fall below 21 degrees, and the air stays stable somewhere between 25 and 28. Perhaps, there is no better time for leisurely walks along the empty streets of the Old City. Bernard Shaw adored Dubrovnik and considered him the embodiment of greatness and peace on earth, and these words are certainly not about Dubrovnik in August. Expect that in September and October on the fortification wall and at the Princely Palace there will be no crowds, and you can linger at any sight (and in one of the most beautiful citiesThere are dozens of European versions of UNESCO according to UNESCO!), And then deliberately get lost in the streets where local people live, and catch yourself on the fact that you are already taking pictures of shutters and flowers for the hundredth time. On inspection of the city one day will be few, but the beaches are worth spending. There is a nice city beach near the gate of Ploce, but it certainly is not as beautiful as the truly Mediterranean beaches-postcards on the islands of Lopud and Lokrum.

The approximate cost of the flight on the route Moscow - Dubrovnik - Moscow in October:from 15 800 rub.

The approximate cost of a double room in a 3 * hotel in October:from 2 000 rub.

Dubai, UAE


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In Dubai, you can feel like a child, whose parents, for good grades, decided to have an unforgettable vacation with all possible activities, from helicopter flights and skiing to aquariums with zoos. In the fall in October, it doesn't even smell here, and the temperature drops to a more “comfortable” +35 in the afternoon. Expect that the contrast with water of +25 degrees will be noticeable, and the hottest hours are better spent in cozy hookah rooms, in the spice markets, or in shopping centers. The latter is dangerous, because you can go out with the sunset and not even notice how the time flew by.

The approximate cost of a flight on the route Moscow - Dubai - Moscow in October:from 11 500 rub.

The approximate cost of a double room in a 3 * hotel in October:from 2 600 rub.

Tenerife, Spain

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The so-called “eternal summer” triumphs on the Canary Islands, but for some reason, it still rushes in large numbers there in August, including the Spaniards themselves, who find the Canarian heat more comfortable than Barcelona or Andalusia. In order to fully inspect the island, you need a car, although without it on buses you can cover the three most interesting points of the islandTeide volcano, Los Gigantes bay and the former capital of La Laguna with an indescribable colonial charm. The machine is useful, and to discover all the colors of the beaches of the islandfrom snow-white Las Teresitas to black and black Las Arenas.

The approximate cost of the flight on the route Moscow - Tenerife - Moscow in October:from 26 000 rub.

The approximate cost of a double room in a 3 * hotel in October:from 2 700 rub.

Tel Aviv, Israel

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Even if we didn’t remind you about Israel in this review, you would have guessed anyway - after all this country is very popular with our tourists not only as a pilgrim, but also as a beach resort.At the end of September, you can still count on a “warm welcome” from the Mediterranean Tel Aviv, but at the end of October it is better to choose Eilat on the Red Sea for a beach holiday. These two places are completely different from each other (however, like all the cities of Israel), and it’s difficult to dwell on one, but if you love Barcelona, ​​you will definitely like Tel Aviv, and if you miss Egypt, then Eilat will closer. The beauty of the last in a measured rest right on the beach, diving and the opportunity to get to Petra, but Tel Aviv is not going to be a resort for tourists, but here you will find almost the best restaurants of Israeli cuisine, stylish bars, discos with quality music and even a piece of surf culture.

The approximate cost of the flight on the route Moscow - Tel Aviv - Moscow in October:from 30 700 rubles.

The approximate cost of a double room in a 3 * hotel in October:from 6 000 rub.


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