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7 myths about pregnancy


  1. A pregnant woman becomes constantly nervous, she has constant mood swings: now she cries, then laughs, then something else. This is partly true. Because a hormonal adjustment takes place in a woman's body, and often there are such mood changes, but no more than that, it depends largely on the nature of the pregnant woman herself, and this can worsen with the course of the pregnancy.
  2. Pregnant women should be extremely careful, namely, you can not ride in a crowded bus. You can not raise your hands high, you can not do anything at all. You just need to lie down and lie down. No. Pregnancy is not a disease, and if everything is going well, there are no complications, then an active lifestyle will even be useful. In addition, you need to focus on your condition.
  3. Fear that men will stop paying attention to them. This, on the contrary, is a period when a woman blossoms, becomes more attractive, and it is due to her roundness.
  4. Loss of time Many people think that during pregnancy they will have to give up all their hobbies, work, sports, and studies.First of all, you need to focus on your health and what the doctor says.
  5. During pregnancy, it is categorically impossible to dye and cut, because the paint somehow affects the fetus, and the haircut takes the child's mind, strength and beauty. Of course, it is not. Because a pregnant woman does her makeup or a new haircut, absolutely nothing will happen to the baby.
  6. Many believe that after pregnancy, the figure will be shamelessly flawed. Each woman's body is individual, and the time to bring the body into shape may be required in different ways. It all depends on the aspirations of a woman to be beautiful and slim.
  7. Genetic predisposition. If the mother of a pregnant woman has gained about a dozen other extra pounds in her time, then this does not mean that her daughter is prone to this. Or, for example, mothers had a difficult childbirth, and daughters would also be difficult. This is an absolute myth.


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