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7 ways to confess your love to him February 23

February 23 - Defender of the Fatherland Day, or simply “Men’s Day”, is usually celebrated with a banal feast and then watching war films on TV, but we strongly disagree with this course of events and decided to turn it into a passionate day of the calendar. Since this is traditionally the day of men and the official day off, we suggest using it as an occasion to get to know your partner better and it's nice to surprise him by making him an unusual (but sexy!) Surprise or even a few surprises.

Seductive message

Keep your sexual plans for February 23 in secret, and in the morning on this day leave him an erotic message - on e-mail, on the glass in the bathroom or on the sheet near the bed - with passionate content and (preferably!) A description of what you would like to do. on this day together, without leaving the limits of the bedroom.

Love confessions

Not only Valentine's Day, but February 23, March 8, and any day of the calendar can be used to confess love to each other, but not with a three-word sentence, but deployed, openly and sincerely.On the men's day, take the initiative and tell him why you love and appreciate him, list the most pleasant - erotic or just romantic - moments when you feel good with him, like no one else, and explain why. Now he will know how to make you enjoyable unmistakably.
7 ways to confess your love to him February 23

Fantasies with cards

Make cards from ordinary sheets of paper and write each one yourself a minimum of three or a maximum of five sexual fantasies that you would like to put into practice. Then exchange cards, read the partner's fantasies and divide them into three groups - those that interested you, those that you should think about or prepare better, and those that do not appeal to you. As a result, in the first group you will have those fantasies that both of you approved, and now you can proceed to their execution!

Dinner without linen

This trick will be more savory if you carefully plan it just as a surprise. In other words, the evening first does not bode anything unusual, you just cook dinner at home and invite him to the table, and then playfully show him that you do not have underwear. If he likes it, in the summer you can come back again and again to this little cliche, but a very sexy idea, not only at home, but also in public places.
7 ways to confess your love to him February 23

The body as a table for sushi

You can go to a real Japanese restaurant, or you can recreate its sexual version of the house, as Samantha did in Sex and the City. By the way, the idea of ​​serving in such a way sushi does not belong to the scriptwriters of the film, but the old Japanese tradition of nyotaimori, dating back to the times of the samurai, and according to this tradition, both female and male bodies can be a “table” for sushi. In case you want to switch roles ...

Sex in silence

If you like experimenting with various postures, and with a lot of sex toys, then one day you should try to tickle your nerves in bed in another (by the way, very simple!) Way: try sex without a single sound. The beauty of this maneuver is that you simultaneously feel like students who spend the night in the next bedroom with the parent, and at the same time, because you cannot verbally express feelings, you pay more attention to other senses and their roles in sex.
7 ways to confess your love to him February 23

Overnight at the hotel.

Men's holiday will be a general holiday, so you can take advantage of this and make him a surprise: book a hotel room for you two.If you want the game to become even more seductive, then agree that he will come first and wait for you in the room, and you will arrive with a little delay, but with another surprise - for example, with any of the above.


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