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A great way to remove stain paint from clothes

If you are engaged in creativity, you definitely have clothes with stains of paint. You can just wear one dirty t-shirt when you are ready to draw and make something. But you can try to save your clothes.

A stain of paint appeared on this comfortable and beloved sweatshirt hostess. It was a pity to throw the thing away and she lay in the closet for many years. Finally there was a way to get rid of this defect once and for all. There was nothing to lose.

To remove stains, you will need alcohol of the highest concentration that you can find and an old toothbrush.

Pour the alcohol directly on the paint and rub. Rub until you notice the result.

Now turn the thing inside out. Even in the event that the paint has not leaked on the wrong side, be sure to wipe it. After all, when you cleaned the sweatshirt, the paint could dissolve and penetrate the fibers.

After you have cleaned up most of the stain, apply a liquid laundry detergent to the fabric.

Add some water and clean the sweatshirt from both sides again.

Now it remains to simply wash the thing in the washing machine to remove traces of cleaning products, and to prevent the formation of stains.

This sweatshirt has been lying in the closet for 17 years, and now it looks like new again!


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