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How to drink absinthe?

Absinthe how to drink

Nowadays, many adults are confronted with this issue, because they know how to drink absinthe. This does not mean that they are lecherous personalities, and always love to knock out, and this is already a modern culture. For some people, this is already a lifestyle. Absinthe has become an indispensable attribute of a modern party. But while many do not even know how to use it. Such knowledge is simply necessary to possess not only for ethical reasons, but because of the need that only the correct drinking of absinthe can retain all the taste properties.


Modern pop stars brought absinthe very high, saying that it has simply incredible properties and it is very useful, although in fact absinthe is a common nonsense, with a slightly different way of cooking. This is almost the same as the process of making wine from grapes, only there are other ingredients. So it was before, now, in modern factories add a lot of different herbs, the components of which are secret. Still, no healing properties in this drink, no, but on the contrary,if you drink too much absinthe, then in the morning there will be an ordinary hangover, so you should not believe in nonsense, but you need to know how to drink absinthe, even because you feel the whole taste and peculiarity of this drink.

Wormwood is a very bitter ingredient that is used in alcoholic beverages. It gives an incredibly bitter bite. Therefore, it must be diluted in water. This is what they do when using absinthe. This can be done with ordinary water, where before that one or two pieces of sugar were put. This will depend on the wishes and taste characteristics of man. Depending on when you add sugar, that stage will be called an alcoholic beverage.



Absinthe how to drink



Absinthe how to drink



On the Internet there are a lot of videos, which shows how to drink absinthe. You can see the whole ritual that lasts much longer than drinking the drink itself. For starters, take a small glass, where you put a small spoon on the edge. It should be special for this drink, with a special form and specificity. The spoon is made in such a way as to firmly hold on the edges of the glass and through the holes in it, you can easily pour water.

On the center of the spoon put a cube of sugar, then begin to slowly pour water on it. To dilute absinthe, you need to use at least 5 parts of water, but for some drinks this figure will be only three parts of water per one part of absinthe. When the syrup is completely ready, you can pour absinthe. If you once drank tequila, then you will have no difficulty in how to drink absinthe.



Absinthe how to drink



That drink is almost ready. Still cut a few slices of lemon, they will be very useful to you, if this is your first sip of absinthe, which will be very bitter compared to wine or vodka, for example. If you want a more thrill, you can safely leave the lemon to weaklings, and you can take your pride in your hands and drink a very extreme and very bitter drink called absinthe. Just do not overdo it, drink absinthe correctly and in smart quantities.


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