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Advantages and disadvantages of electric sheets

If at night you freeze, then you should not cover the whole bed with heaters, there is a simpler and more convenient solution to this problem. Get an electric sheet. But first find out how to choose it.

Principle of operation

How does an electric sheet work? It is a product inside which there are heating elements. They heat up when current flows, and the heat they generate goes to the person lying on the sheet. These elements are very small, so you will not feel them. Work such sheets from the mains.

Is this sheet dangerous?

Diligent manufacturers take care of customers, so electric sheets are completely safe.

First, the product has reliable electrical insulation, which protects against short circuits and nullifies the likelihood of electric shock.

Secondly, many sheets are equipped with heating sensors, as well as an automatic shutdown function when heated to a certain temperature and therefore will not be able to reach high temperatures.This means that the probability of getting a burn is also zero.

Thirdly, sheets are made of non-combustible materials, so that the fire will not start. And, fourthly, all materials are completely non-toxic, that is, the use of sheets (even permanent) will not be harmful.

Should I buy?

If you live in a private house or during a cold season, you go to a country house, then you probably sometimes face the problem of heating and space heating. In addition, disruptions may occur in multi-apartment old or, conversely, new homes. And in such cases, electric sheets will come in handy. She will warm up and sleep hard, sweet and warm.


What can give an electric sheet?

  • Comfortable sleep and the opportunity to warm up in the cold season.
  • Such a product can be used for other purposes, for example, for drying furniture, as well as for reducing humidity in damp rooms.
  • An electric sheet will help relieve pain and tension in the muscles after heavy physical exertion.
  • Heating will improve blood circulation and blood supply to tissues and normalize the work of some body systems.
  • To care for such a sheet is easy.
  • The inside of the sheet, which contains the heating elements, is made of moisture-resistant materials, so do not be afraid to wet the product.
  • Sheets are economical, as they usually do not consume a lot of electricity.

Can everyone use them?

There are some contraindications:

  • some infectious and inflammatory diseases (blood flow to the tissues can only aggravate the situation and accelerate the course of the disease);
  • fever, febrile states (when heated, the temperature can rise even higher)
  • the period of pregnancy (heating can provoke a rush of blood to the uterus and, as a consequence, hypertonicity or threat of miscarriage);
  • children's age up to three years (the heat exchange of young children is imperfect, so that the risk of overheating increases).

Do not use the sheet if the blanket is wet.

How to make a choice?

How to choose an electric sheet? We should pay attention to several important points:

  1. Dimensions. There are children's, standard polutoraspalnye and large double electric sheets.
  2. Power. It usually ranges from 40-140 watts.The heating rate and the maximum temperature depend on the power. But the higher this figure, the greater will be the energy consumption. It is better to choose a model that has an average power.
  3. The remotes. They allow you to adjust and control the heating temperature. Some consoles are equipped with a backlight, which makes it possible to operate comfortably even in complete darkness. A double model can have two remotes, and at the same time each will be responsible only for one half of the sheets (so if one spouse wants to warm up and the other is not cold, then both will be comfortable).
  4. Temperature conditions. Usually there are several. And the more modes, the more comfortable the use of sheets will be, as you can choose the optimal temperature.
  5. The presence of fuses. They will protect the product from power surges in the network.
  6. Overheating protection system. It automatically turns off the product after heating to a certain temperature.
  7. Automatic sleep timer. He will turn off the sheet after a specified time, if you fall asleep.
  8. Some electric sheets have a local heating function.This means that the heating elements are divided into several zones, which will allow heating only one specific part of the sheet, for example, the bottom (if only the legs are frozen). In addition, there are sheets that allow you to set different temperature conditions in different parts (for example, heat the lower and upper parts more strongly).
  9. Pay attention to the number of sides. There are as one-sided models (the front side is usually made of soft material, and the other one is made of non-woven dense material), and bilateral.
  10. Sleeping mode. If the temperature does not change for a certain time, the product switches to work at reduced power. This reduces energy consumption.
  11. Test program It assesses the functioning of the product and does not allow it to be used in case of a malfunction.
  12. The temperature sensor indicates to which temperature the sheet has heated up. This is very convenient if the product is used in a baby cot.
  13. The quick heating function will allow the product to heat up as quickly as possible and warm up in seconds. This is especially true in the winter.
  14. Wire length

How to use?

It is easy to use electrosheet. Unfold it, spread it on the bed, spread it well, connect it to the mains and turn it on. Set the desired temperature and enjoy the heat.

How to care for a sheet?

Recommendations for care you can find on the tag. It indicates how to clean. Some models can be washed by hand or even in a washing machine, but only with a gentle mode (at a temperature not higher than 30 degrees and with a minimum number of turns).

But there are sheets that can withstand only dry cleaning. Before you start cleaning, you need to remove the wire and some other parts (you can find out everything in detail in the instructions). Include the product only after it has completely dried.

How much is?

The price of an electric sheet can vary from 1 to 6-8 thousand rubles. You can buy it in a specialty store or by ordering online. In any case, ask the seller for quality certificates.

Enjoy the comfort of an electric sheet!

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