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Andreeva and Bondarchuk became the most beautiful pair of "Kinotavr" -2017

The 28th Kinotavr Festival ended on June 14 in Sochi. And today, the official accounts of the event in social networks please us with an abundance of photos from the red carpet of the closing ceremony. Who became the most stylish? With a large margin from rivals in fashionable battles, perhaps, the actress Paulina Andreeva wins in a white dress with open shoulders and a high slit. In this way, it is not a shame to appear on Oscars! Invariably, next to Paulina is her chosen one, director Fedor Bondarchuk, who also looked elegant, like a true gentleman. However, the secular gossipers, sharp on the tongue, have already managed to get away with what they say, Andreeva in white, Bondarchuk in black - is not the bride and groom at the rehearsal of the wedding? And yet the title of the most beautiful couple of the evening, they agree, is not to take away.


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