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Ask Toolbar. What is it?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
October 20, 2014
Ask Toolbar. What is it?

PC users do not even think about the fact that their computer contains a lot of both useful and unnecessary hidden programs that can slow down your computer. One of these programs is the Ask Toolbar. If you want to figure out what this program is and what it is for, read the article in detail.

Ask Toolbar - a toolbar provided by the Ask.com search engine. It should be noted that this panel has a number of features:

  • quickly navigate to the Ask.com search engine;
  • have access to the latest news of various directions: politics, fashion, television, etc .;
  • use maps, broadcasting and view the weather in the selected region;
  • synchronize with social networks. For example, you can view your Facebook account, even while being offline.

Despite this, this application has its drawbacks, the most annoying of which are:

  • installing Ask.com as your browser homepage without your knowledge.

Uninstall the Ask Toolbar

If you are not comfortable working with the Ask Toolbar, then you can delete it.In order to completely get rid of this application, you must remove the program from the PC, as well as all its components from the browser.

Uninstall from PC

  1. If you need to extract the program from the computer on which Windows 7 is installed, go to Start, then select Toolbar - Programs and Features. Select an application from the list and delete.
  2. For Windows 8, do the following: go to the Panel by right-clicking in the left corner and select Uninstall programs. In the list, find the Ask Toolbar and delete all its components.

Removing components from the browser

If you use the Google browser, then after you open the browser, you must press Alt + F. In the window that opens, select Settings - Extensions. And next to this application put a tick - Disable or Delete.


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