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Beautiful curls - the decoration of any girl

Every girl at least once dreamed of beautiful and romantic curls. But what to do if nature endowed you with straight hair, and you only have to dream about curls? Stock up on the necessary tools, read the instructions and get down to business.

Suitable for short hair

How to prepare hair for a wave?

To get your hair done, you need to prepare your hair for a wave. What is needed for this?

  1. First, the hair must be clean. But it is not necessary to specially wash them. For example, if you washed your hair yesterday, then this is the best option. But if the washing was done a few days ago, then it is better to repeat the procedure. Dirty hair is rather greasy, so it will not obey.
  2. Secondly, the curls should be dry, so dry them with a hairdryer. Yes, our mothers curled wet strands, but it is very, very harmful. The fact is that moisture when exposed to high temperatures evaporates quickly, so that the hair becomes very dry and brittle.
  3. Thirdly, to protect your hair from the negative effects of high temperatures, purchase and regularly use a special tool with the function of thermal protection.
  4. Fourthly, choose the fixing device optimum for you. It is best to buy foam or mousse, they fit perfectly and do not make your hair worse. But after curling, you can treat the strands with hairspray.
  5. Fifth, select the optimal temperature for waving. For example, if your hair has been subjected to coloring or other procedures, or it is very thin, then choose a temperature from 110 to 150 degrees. But if the hair is thick, hard or normal, then you can set the temperature from 160 to 200 degrees.

These simple rules will help you do the perm quickly and easily and keep the effect for a long time.

What curls do you want to get?

Before you choose a method of curling, decide on the desired result.

  • If you want small curls, it is best to use forceps of small diameter or, for example, papilotki. It will look beautiful on the hair of a small length (up to the shoulders).
  • But large curls can be obtained using large diameter curlers or forceps (diameter, respectively, should also be larger). By the way, if the hair is long, then this option will be optimal.
  • Spiral curls can be obtained by using a hair iron and foil (this is a very interesting method).
  • Curls flagella obtained using the same hair straightener.

So determine and choose the best way for yourself.

How to curl the hair?

So, how to make beautiful curls? Real women of fashion know a lot of different ways and use the most unexpected items for waving. We offer several options.

The favorite hairstyle of many women

We use a ploy

Practically everyone can use a curling iron, as the forceps were used by our mothers. But there are some nuances here.

  • If you want to get flowing wavy curls, then separate the strand and place the device at its base. Then wind the curl, starting from the place closest to the handle of the curling iron and moving towards its end. Then lock the strand for about 15-30 seconds. Do the same with the rest of the hair.
  • If you need more curly and smaller curls, then proceed as follows. Separate the strand, fix its tip between the plates of the curling plate, and then rotate the curling iron, winding a curl over it until it reaches the base.Hold the strand in this state for about 20 seconds, then release. Keep up the good work until your head is covered with curls.

Good old curlers

So, if you do not want to subject your precious strands to thermal effects, then the best option for you is curlers. But there are several types of curlers, so decide:

  • Koklushki - this is probably the easiest option. They are round sticks (can be wooden, plastic, rubber), equipped with elastic bands. Scrolling curl on a stick, you need to fix it with an elastic band. Large bobbins will allow you to get volume curls, and small ones will provide small curls. If you plan to sleep with such a design on your head, then give preference to foam rollers.
  • Heated hair rollers are more convenient. They warm up, then used. It’s not necessary to keep them on your head for too long (as simple analogs without heating), one hour is enough (and sometimes half an hour is enough).
  • Spiral curlers are some kind of spiral. They need to be wound strands, and then secure them with special fixing sticks.Sleeping in them will be uncomfortable.
  • Papilotki is very convenient to use. They are foam sticks with a rod made of bending wire. Starting from the tip, the strand should be wound on the file, and then bend the ends of the device, fixing the lock.

Hair dryer will help!

Hollywood style

If you want to get curls and achieve the effect of negligence, it will help you in this very ordinary hair dryer. But if the hair is straight and naughty, then pronounced curls are unlikely to be obtained.

We offer you two options:

  1. It is best to perform all manipulations with wet hair. Apply mousse or fixation foam to them, spreading it over all hair. Now crush the strands in random order and blow-dry them. Then whip dry hair, lightly mix and treat with hairspray.
  2. The effect of wet hair can also be achieved with a hair dryer. Hair should be wet, but not wet. Apply fixing gel to them. And do everything the same as in the previous version. Dry your hair while crushing them. But after drying, do not brush the strands, just spray them with varnish.

We use ironing

There are several options:

  1. Zigzag curls can be made using foil and ironing. Select a small strand of hair, wrap it with a strip of foil. Then fold the folded curl with an accordion and folded in for half a minute to hold the iron. Remove the foil only when it cools down completely!
  2. Light curls can be done as follows. Place the iron at the base of the strand, wrap the curl once around the plate, fix it with the second plate, but not completely, but lightly hold it. Now slowly and carefully guide the device down to the end of the strand. You will have an easy curl curl. Do the same with the rest of the hair.
  3. Place the iron at the base of the strand, lock the curl between the plates and rotate 180 degrees. Then move on to the curl and again make a turn. If you turn the plate in the same direction, you will get curls with small creases. But turning in the other direction will help get zigzag strands.

Helpful Tips

  • For convenience, divide the hair into several zones: occipital, temporal, crown and frontal. Separately fasten each part.
  • Start from the back of the head, go to the head, then to the temporal, and then to the frontal.
  • After curling wait 5-10 minutes, only then fix the hair with lacquer.

Enjoy the curls, beat all the spot!

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