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Beautiful flowers from fabric yo-yo: master class and ideas

We present you another interesting idea of ​​disposing of small pieces of fabric after sewing. After all, from the waste material you can create unusually beautiful things and it is not only patchwork bedspreads and pillows. Many pieces of yo-yo flowers can be made from scraps of fabric. Surely, many have already heard about such flowers or made them. They can decorate anything or sew some splendor. Flowers yo-yo can be of any diameter and texture, flat or bulk, with or without decor.

How to make flowers yo-yo

Making flowers yo-yo is not at all difficult, just for one evening, watching your favorite series, you can make a whole mountain of flowers, and then just sew them together.

Make a round pattern

Transfer to a cloth and cut circles

One flower is obtained from one circle. Sew along the entire circumference as shown in the photo.

Tighten the thread, it should make a bag, make it flat. The hole can be closed with a bead or a button.

Yo-yo flowers can be not only round, but also of any other shape. For complex shapes, special tools are used.


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