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Beeline: how to check the connected services?

Anna Mikhailova
Anna Mikhailova
November 26, 2014
Beeline: how to check the connected services?

The mobile operator Beeline offers its subscribers a lot of additional services. But it must be borne in mind that some of them are paid. In order not to pay extra money, you should find out which services are connected to your number, and then disconnect some of them if necessary.

Personal Area

You can check connected services using your personal account. To enter it, follow this link:. Then go through authorization, go to the "Connected Services" section, where the list of connected paid and free options will be available.


Beeline subscribers have an installed application called BiInfo on their phone. With it, you can also get information about the connected options. You will need to log into this application, then select the item “My Services” and click on “OK”. Within a few seconds, the phone will receive an SMS with a list of connected options.

Service Control Center

The Service Center service will help you to obtain the necessary information. To use it, you need to dial * 111 # and press the call button. Then enter the section “My Beeline”, then select “My data” and “My services”.

Operator assistance

You can call Beeline technical support. To do this, dial the mobile number 0611 + 0. As soon as the operator answers, ask him to inform you about the connected services to your number.

You can also contact one of the offices of the Beeline company, where a specialist will provide you with a list of services for which a fee is charged.


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