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Best pillows for pregnant women

Best pillows for pregnant womenMost often, sleep becomes less comfortable with the second trimester. This significantly impairs its quality, with the result that lack of sleep develops. A special pillow will help to significantly alleviate, or even completely eliminate, these symptoms. In addition, it is useful and after delivery during the feeding period. It is best to choose a product in a real store, and not through the Internet. No matter how accurately all the parameters were specified, you can not feel, lie down and understand if it suits you. Remember that this accessory will be you need a long time. It is important to treat the choice responsibly, so you do not regret. Choose the most optimal pillow for you and enjoy the rest!

Types of pillows

Pillows are designed in different shapes, sizes and filled with various fillers. Cotton cover, removable pillowcases, pockets for necessary things. Even with a fairly large size, they weigh very little.

There is a variety of shapes and sizes of pillows.There is a suitable for every future mother.

  1. "Boomerang". Differs in a small size, flexible. Allows you to put the stomach without a load on the back. After childbirth will be an excellent accessory for feeding. If we talk about the shortcomings, then during sleep, turning over to the other side will have to turn over and a pillow.

    Best pillows for pregnant women

  2. The “G” form is one of the most popular. Designed with the help of two rollers - for the head and tummy. Without extra effort, you can give it the desired shape and turn it into a place for feeding.
  3. "U". Differs in a large size (up to 3 meters). It is one of the most comfortable for the last months of pregnancy. There is an opportunity to throw the leg and put the belly on one side, and on the other - lean back. No need to move when turning.

    Best pillows for pregnant women

  4. "Bagel". It has similar functions to the previous form, only at a smaller size.

    Best pillows for pregnant women

  5. "J" Allows you to relieve tension from the waist and support the stomach. Moreover, the risk of pinching nerves is reduced. It will also be needed after the birth of the child.

    Best pillows for pregnant women

  6. "FROM". Perfectly suitable not only for mom, but for the baby. It can serve as a place to sleep, and for fun games.

    Best pillows for pregnant women

  7. "I". It has no bends, but it is also comfortable for lying and sitting.

    Best pillows for pregnant women

  8. "Big." Large and functional.Stitched with a shorter one end to give any shape. You can even turn around a pillow in a circle.

    Best pillows for pregnant women

Now you can see for yourself that the modern market offers a lot of solutions for even the most demanding.

Pillow filler

We will consider the main drives - hollofayber and polystyrene foam balls. Also some manufacturers use foam rubber. These pillows for pregnant women are the cheapest, but they lose in all respects and are not recommended for purchase. Remember and about the quality of pillow cases. Choose organic cotton, as synthetics can adversely affect your health.
Distinctive features of holofiber:

  • does not accumulate moisture and odor;
  • quickly loses its shape;
  • forced by weight;
  • springy and soft;
  • washable;
  • does not rustle;
  • affordable price.

Best pillows for pregnant women
Distinctive features of polystyrene foam balls:

  • keep the shape for a long time;
  • not forced under weight;
  • do not accumulate moisture and odor;
  • for pillows characteristic sufficient density, but also pleasant softness;
  • not subject to washing (only pillowcase);
  • rustles;
  • higher price than the previous view.

Best pillows for pregnant women
The right pillow is a real necessity. Remember that the development of the baby depends on your emotions and condition. Do not deny yourself the pleasure to feel cheerfulness and a surge of strength!
Stay healthy always!


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