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Brick Laying Tool

The device is designed for laying bricks in order to observe the same thickness of the seam. Thanks to this very simple and uncomplicated construction, you can easily make a beautiful and very smooth laying with respect to all the distances between the bricks. Moreover, the device greatly facilitates and speeds up the work.
Bricklaying device


The device consists of:
  • two horizontal slats 11x25 mm;
  • two strips of horizontal 19x40 mm;
  • four strips of vertical 19x40 mm;
  • two studs with a diameter of 10 mm with lambs, bolts and nuts with which vertical bars are connected;
  • two screws with caps with a diameter of 20 mm with nuts and washers;
  • 40 mm finish nails for attaching parts (nails on the inside need to be bitten off with pliers).
Bricklaying equipment
Bricklaying equipment
Total construction length 850 mm.Horizontal strips are mounted in the shape of the letter G. Sections from the edge to the vertical slats are 130 mm. The height of the vertical bars above the level of the entire structure is 100 mm. This height is chosen so that when laying a brick the thread passes 15 mm above the vertical bars and does not interfere with the use of the device. To install the vertical strips from the inside of the fixture, you will need to select two slots in the horizontal slat of an 11x25 mm chisel. All wooden parts are made of glued pine timber. To prevent absorption of moisture from the solution, the surface is varnished.
Bricklaying equipment
Bricklaying equipment
Bricklaying equipment
Brick Masonry Tool
Note:with the help of wings on the studs, you can adjust the width of the structure and work with a wider or narrower bricks. The inner part is fixed firmly, only the outer side of the device can move.

Features of this design

Refinement of the design proposed on YouTube channel by the user Nivok111 is as follows. The internal strip of 11х25 mm fastens with the minimum approach on a bricklaying only to provide an emphasis on a laying during the work. The second (outer) bracket is fastened with the maximum possible penetration of 13-15 mm.
Bricklaying equipment
Bricklaying device
On the outside of the device at a distance of 30-40 mm from the edge of the vertical bars through the drilled holes are inserted with screws into the caps. With the help of washers, which need to be placed or removed, the screws allow you to adjust the depth of the seam almost from 0 to 15 mm.
Bricklaying equipment
Bricklaying device

Method of operation

The height of the horizontal planks above the wall is 11 mm. The solution is superimposed on the clutch, leveled at the level of the slats, after which the device is pulled further.Departures from vertical laths at the edges of the device are necessary to perform work on the edge of the brick wall. Brick masonry tool
Brick Masonry Tool [/L_REPEAT]

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