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Trailer "Bridget Jones - 3", look rather

The web has the first trailer of a new film about the adventures of all beloved Bridget Jones. And as we can see, since we broke up (and it was, ooh, 10 years ago!), Little has changed: the heroine Renee Zellweger is still lonely, torn between men, trying to build a career in parallel and not get angry on the scales. In dreams, she goes down the aisle in a beautiful wedding dress, but in reality, she also wipes tears on the couch to the All By Myself composition, sweats on the simulators and cannot bypass any puddle so as not to fall into her face in front of everyone ...

However, not without surprises: in the third part of the film Bridget is not just once again strongly gaining weight, she is pregnant. And he does not know from whom! 50 percent, that the future father of the child, Mark Darcy (Colin Firth), with whom she broke up, but trying to maintain friendly relations, and as many percent - that our Bridget “will make happy” her new dream man (Patrick Dempsey), who is no less unfortunate, than ex (for example, ready to wallow in the mud, but to get the shoe that she dropped). In general, as you understand, "everything is again out of control."What will end? We learn September.


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