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Buckwheat noodles with cabbage and mushrooms

Buckwheat noodles with cabbage and mushrooms photoBuckwheat noodles with cabbage and mushrooms - cooking recipe with photos

What do you need:

-150-200 g soba noodles;


- 500 grams of sauerkraut;


- 1 sweet pepper;


- 100-150 g of shiitake mushrooms;


- 5 of the spring onions;


-3cm root fresh ginger;


8-10 cloves of garlic;


- 130-150 g peanut butter;


- 6st. l. soy sauce;


- 1 tbsp. l. Worcestershire;


- 5-6 Art. l. Sahara;


- 1 tbsp. l. sesame oil;


- 1-2 tbsp. l. peanut butter;


- 1st. l. sesame seeds;


The recipe for buckwheat noodles with cabbage and mushrooms



Ginger and garlic clean, grate. In a blender bowl, beat them with chili pepper, peanut butter, soy and Worcester sauce, sugar, sesame oil, 8-10 tbsp. l. water to the consistency of thick cream. In a saucepan, boil 2 liters of salted drinking water, boil the noodles according to the package instructions. Rinse it in cold water, drain and transfer to a large bowl.


Sweet pepper and mushroom caps cut into strips, finely chop green onions. In a wok on a high heat, heat the peanut butter, fry pepper, mushrooms, cabbage, 1-2 minutes in it. Products should remain crispy.A few seconds before the end of cooking, add onions and sesame seeds. Mix all parts of the dish and serve warm.

This buckwheat noodle in Asian style is an ideal dish for those who love spicy tastes and complex taste combinations.


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