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Cameron Diaz: “I always take homemade food with me”

Cameron Diaz confessed that she doesn’t trust anyone with her diet. But it's not about the fastidiousness of a Hollywood star, but about the peculiarities of her diet.
Homemade food
Homemade food
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Cameron Diaz (Cameron Diaz) for many years watching his figure and sticks to proper nutrition. And even despite her busy schedule, she always takes care of meals herself.

“I always carry homemade food containers with me. Sometimes I don’t have time to go to a bite to eat at a restaurant, so healthy foods should be at my fingertips. This is my body! How can I entrust the care of him to someone else? I always find time to cook at home and then take it in a special container to work. It does not take up much space, but I can be sure of the benefits of the products I use. Harmful high-calorie food makes you fat and quenches your hunger for a short time. So my choice is healthy homemade food, ”admitted Cameron Diaz.

However, many celebrities have refused fast food and late dinners.


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