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Chandelier earrings: how to choose?

Earrings in several tiers, consisting of two or more elements, are called chandelier earrings. The name they received from some similarity with the old crystal chandeliers (chandeliers). These earrings have a conical shape, extended or narrowed downwards, and long to the shoulders. This type of earrings is suitable for high society evenings. Less often they are worn at daytime activities.

Earlier, chandelier earrings were worn by secular ladies, Gypsy loved them, and now this elegant jewelry is available to every woman.

Chandelier earrings are an ornament consisting of patterned curls of metal on which faceted stones are strictly fixed.

Chandelier Earrings and Varieties

Varieties of earrings-chandelier:

  1. Chandelier earrings from jewelry. Today bijouterie is an affordable way to get a thing for a bargain price, which is not much different from a jewel. The service life of such jewelry is not long, but for a few outings to the theater or the cinema, chandelier earrings made of bijouterie are perfect.In addition, chandelier earrings with Swarovski stones are an ideal way to buy a product that you can wear two or three times in your life. These earrings are worn under winter clothes and under light summer suits.
  2. Chandelier earrings with precious stones. This is an expensive kind of products. Diamond chandelier earrings are luxurious jewelry whose brilliance and elegance can dazzle gentlemen. These earrings are suitable only for special occasions.
  3. Earrings-chandeliers wedding. Jewelry that sets off the beauty and elegance of a woman’s neck, like no other, is suitable for wedding accessories. Whether this is a precious piece of jewelery or budget jewelery will dictate the financial possibilities of the customer.

Decollete and hairstyle with curls reinforced at the crown, will complement refined chandelier earrings

Earrings-chandeliers in online stores are presented for refined and captious taste. The choice of jewelry and bijoux is so great that it is not difficult for an inexperienced lady to get lost in it.

Chandelier earrings: how to choose?

Earrings with black diamonds, sapphires, amethysts and rubies, SL;silver earrings with pearls, marcasites and beryls, SL(prices link)

For what cases it is desirable to wear earrings-chandeliers

It is worth remembering that this decoration is intended for evening parties, and the dress code of such events includes the following items:

  • ornaments on a woman should be bright, provocative;
  • Long earrings-chandeliers to the shoulders are combined with a low-heeled cocktail dress length in the floor;
  • from the hair it is desirable to make a hairdo on the crown to emphasize the neck, neckline and beautiful earrings;
  • Chandelier earrings should not be worn with the same defiant jewelry. In order not to look like a magpie, who donned all the shiny things in the house, you can complement the jewelry set with a thin chain with a pendant and an elegant ring;
  • this kind of jewelry looks massive. Therefore, owners of wide cheekbones cannot wear a chandelier earring. These earrings are suitable for women with a heart-shaped face;

In order not to be mistaken with the choice of earrings to the dress, it is worth knowing the pattern: the larger the earrings, the longer the dress and vice versa.


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