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������At the bath furnace, after its repair, weak traction became. One friend advised to replace the chimney. Tell me where you can order a chimney in St. Petersburg for a bath at a reasonable price and how to choose it correctly.
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�I think you need to contact a specialist who understands this system. Maybe it will, so it�s enough to clear the pipe so that the normal thrust is restored.
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�Recently installed a stove for heating a country house during the cold season. It remains to pick up and install a suitable chimney to it. In search of a chimney on the Internet, I found a website where you can buy a chimney for giving in St. Petersburg and the prices are kind of low at them. Look, maybe this website will be useful for you.
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�From correctly chosen chimney and its installation depends on fuel consumption. And of course you need to periodically clean it. I know for sure that when using birch firewood the pipe clogs much faster than, for example, from coniferous species.
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Daniil Lvovich
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It would not hurt to make a chimney with a refractory brick, plus take care of the ventilation in the room. So that the smoke, if it occurs, an unforeseen event could come out through the smoke removal system.

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