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Choose a Christmas tree and we will tell you how you will spend the New Year.

5tXuPTHj6kwThe New Year is already close, and it's time to start planning the holiday! Someone is looking forward to the moment when it will be time to decorate the Christmas tree. Someone has already purchased tangerines and champagne, and someone calls around friends and invites them to his festive party. And how will you celebrate New Year?

Before you a few elegant New Year trees. Which one did you like right away? What would you, without hesitation, put at home? Choose the most beautiful! And we will tell you how and in which company you like to celebrate the New Year holidays.

  1. For you, the best way to celebrate the New Year is to gather friends and go to the club. Loud music, dancing until the morning, cocktails and new acquaintances - this is your best New Year gift!


  1. You are one of those who love and appreciate the beauty of nature. Gather loved ones, rent a small house in the woods, make a fire and enjoy the winter snow-covered landscapes in silence - this is how the perfect New Year's Eve should pass!


  1. You like to celebrate the New Year in a close family circle, as in childhood - when everyone gathers together, prepare salads, exchange gifts and watch good Soviet films.


  1. You like to celebrate the New Year with friends, to plan this event, albeit not on a large scale, but so that everyone brings something different to the festive program.


  1. You are one of those who do not like to stay at home. And the best way to celebrate the New Year for you is to go for a walk to the square where the main city tree is installed. Frost, cold champagne, fun and lush fireworks - that's what really creates a festive mood!


  1. For you, the New Year is Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, as well as a huge Christmas tree, under which are hidden gifts in bright boxes. This holiday is a little fairy tale that you loved so much as a child, and now you are ready to arrange for your little guests.


  1. A new year for you is, first of all, holidays and a great opportunity to go somewhere abroad. What could be better than new places and impressions? After all, how to celebrate the New Year, so spend it!


  1. It is not so important to you where and how to celebrate the New Year.After all, the main thing is with whom! Let it be a cozy home holiday, or a trip to distant countries - everything fades into the background. The main thing is that a loved one is near!


  1. New year for you is a great way to actively spend time. A trip to the mountains, snow and skis, or a trip to the restaurant - on this night you can treat yourself to something special.

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