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Christmas star

At Christmas it is customary to decorate the house with all sorts of stars that are symbols of the Star of Bethlehem. We offer you to make just such an unusual Christmas star. Make it easy and simple while it looks very beautiful and original. For the manufacture of stars, it is desirable to take a brilliant wrapping paper of bright color. So, let's get started. 1. To make a Christmas star you will need: • • Wrapping paper of bright red color. • Scissors. • Newspaper. • Thread. • Adhesive gun.
will be required
2. Prepare the basis of the star. We make a ball out of an old newspaper and firmly wind it with a thread.
 base of the star
3. Apply glue to the whole ball.
Apply glue to the ball
4. We wrapped it with wrapping paper. Do not try to fit the ball perfectly evenly, afterwards all irregularities and roughness will be hidden under the star's rays.
 We are wrapping paper
5.We proceed directly to the formation of star rays. To do this, we cut 15 of such blanks, which are a circle cut in half.
star ray formation
6. We apply glue from the gun on one end of the workpiece. Tightly turn the workpiece into a cone.  we turn the workpiece into a cone
7. It turns out such a pointed cone-beam. Repeat the procedure with all paper blanks.
 pointed cone beam
8. Getting Star Build We apply glue on the contour of the base of the cone.  we smear glue 9. Glue alternately beams on the base.
Getting Star Build
10. We try to position the rays as close as possible to each other.
Glue alternately rays
11. The star is ready. It only remains to decorate the room with it or use it as a toy on the Christmas tree.
 Christmas Star

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