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City of childhood: Kirkorov built home "Disneyland"

For the children of the singer made their kitchen, stage and salt cave.

A year ago, the singer told me that he dreams of creating a city of childhood inside his home for six-year-old Alla-Victoria and five-year-old Martin. Even then, Philip knew that the architect and TV presenter Andrei Karpov, the husband of actress Ekaterina Volkova, would be engaged in this important project.

“I have long been friends with Katya and Andrei,” Kirkorov shared with Antenna. - He is a true professional. Who else can I trust such a thing?

For the implementation of the ideas of Philip, together with Karpov, the Perfect Repair program on Channel One took over. This spring construction is over. Next to the colorful pool for the heirs of Kirkorov, they made a theater with a real stage, a library, a children's kitchen, and even their own mini-spa - a house with walls lined with salt. And the designers didn’t forget about the artist himself; they set up a recreation area with a fireplace for him.

- When Philip and I discussed the project for the first time, he said: “Andrei, can you help me deal with the pool? We need to come up with something for the children.I trust you like myself, because our tastes are similar, ”Karpov told Antenna. - Some of the interior details I already had in stock, because Philip's house had various gifts that he did not know where to integrate. For example, the skin of a bear - a gift from Nikita Mikhalkov. We used her living area. An interesting story came out with the salt cave: Philip had previously built three children's houses, but they were empty, in one we decided to arrange a kitchen, in the second a reading room, and when program leader Natasha Barbier asked me what would happen in the third, I still didn’t know replied: surprise! And then I remembered how I saw the salt cave on one of the projects and we built it. Adults can also go to therapy sessions. All the work lasted about six months. Under the terms of the program, the host should not see the result before the final shooting, so Philip honestly did not look at us. When he entered along with Alla-Victoria and Martin, I realized through the eyes of the children that the surprise was a success. I asked them if they liked the new interior, and they answered: “Yes!” I already suggested Philip to celebrate the nearest children's birthday there.


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