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Coconut Oil

About the nutritional value of coconut is known even far beyond those heavenly corners of the world where it grows. And about the magical properties of coconut oil make up legends. It is simultaneously nutritious, softening, restoring, moisturizing, firming, protective and antibacterial. Moreover, it can be used for hair, nails, face and body. As a cream, as a mask, and even as a means for tanning. As you can see, one such oil can replace dozens of jars of creams, lotions and masks. To get such a unique care product, now you don’t have to go to the tropics or scour the shops and pharmacies of your city, and then and pay a high enough price. Today we will learn to make such butter with our own hands at home! Without spending a lot of money and effort, and not using some hard-to-reach ingredients. Moreover, by making it yourself, you will know for sure that this product is 100% natural, without any dyes, fragrances and thickeners that are used in store-based products. All we need is ordinary, practically available in any supermarket, coconut. Just the way it is sold from us - brown.In those countries where they grow, such coconuts are not used by the local population for food or drink their juice. Since it is considered already old coconut. It is hardened both outside (its shell) and inside - there is practically no coconut milk, and the fact that there is no longer as tasty as in young coconuts. And the flesh of the old coconut is already absolutely solid. Such coconuts in the tropics are used only for the manufacture of coconut chips or cosmetics, the same coconut oil. It is impossible to make it from a young, green coconut - its pulp is soft and soft, not yet soaked with coconut milk. In the old, brown coconut milk is much less because it is almost all absorbed into the pulp of the coconut, saturating it with its fat content and nutritional value. All this in this case, we are only at hand with you - we need the old brown coconut. So, we take the brown coconut. On one side it has three dark holes. Carefully pierce each of them with an awl or thin screwdriver.
 brown coconut we pierce with a screwdriver
We pour coconut milk into these containers through these openings and usstill useful.
 pour coconut milk
Tap a coconut on all sides around the perimeter (on its" sides "), as a result of which sooner or later it is necessary there will be a transverse crack.
jpg "alt =" transverse crack of coconut "title =" transverse crack of coconut "> Now we get the fruit from the shell. We get white coconut pulp in a brown soft skin. This brown skin is completely cut with a knife.
 cut with a knife the flesh of a coconut
 kakos pulp White coconut pulp three on very fine grater.
 kakos pulp in three grated
Gently pour coconut chips into coconut milk, which we previously poured from coconut. Mix it to a more or less homogeneous mass and let it soak a little with coconut milk and brew.  pour coconut milk After that, grind this mass intojuicer (or blender).
 mass in a juicer
Ideally, if you have a juicer that immediately separates the juice from the pulp. separates the juice from the pulp The juice is our oil. But, as a rule, a lot of it still remains in the resulting shavings. Therefore, we squeeze it again, manually. We pour out our chips on a clean cotton cloth or gauze, turn them and strongly squeeze the remaining oil in it into the tank, where we keep the oil already extracted earlier.
>img src="https://sdelaysam-svoimirukami.ru/images/5/1779-nashe-maslo.jpg" alt="our oil" title="our oil">
crumbly coconut shaving
In the fabric we still have dry and crumbly coconut shavings, which you can then use in cooking or mixed with odom as body scrub. In the dishes we have pure coconut oil in liquid form.
 crumbly coconut shaving
Liquid oil we cover something and leave it for 24 hours in the fridge.
24hours in the refrigerator
After one day, the oil solidifies and becomes solid. Only at the bottom of the water does the water fall.
 24 hours in the refrigerator
To drain the water, we pierce the upper hardened layer of oil with a wooden stick and gently drain the water through the opening.
 oil stiffens
The remaining oil we can store Cool in the fridge for about two weeks and use as a cream, mask or balm. Enjoy your use!
 Coconut Oil
Coconut Oil

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