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Cold rolling tomato for the winter - recipe

Cold rolling tomato for the winter - recipe

Cold rolling tomato for the winter - recipe

With the onset of summer, many housewives are preparing to stock up on vegetables and start rolling them up for the winter. And, probably, everyone wants to enjoy the taste of salted tomatoes in the winter cold. They are eaten and just served on a festive table.


Among all the other methods of canning stands out the so-called cold method. He gained his popularity for simplicity and speed. Indeed, in this case, you will not need to spend a long time in the kitchen, rolling up pickles. In addition, vegetables, preserved for the winter in a cold way, acquire a special fresh taste.


Tomatoes are salted both in cans and in coils - as it is more convenient for someone.


Below we give a few recipes for rolling up tomatoes for the winter in a cold way.


Salted Tomatoes With Mustard


Select slightly unripe tomatoes. Rinse them well, put them in cans or in a keg.Sprinkle each layer with leaves of black currant, they also lay the bottom.


Prepare the pickle. On a bucket of water you will need a glass of salt, 2 cups of sugar, a bay leaf (15 pcs.), One teaspoon of bitter and fragrant peppers (mashed), dry mustard (pack). Brine to boil and cool. Once cool, you can pour dry mustard into them, and then let it stand.


As soon as your pickle has become slightly yellowish, transparent in appearance - pour tomatoes on it. Top will need to put on a clean cloth oppression.


Salted Tomatoes with Carrots


Preparation from tomato with carrots will also be very tasty. It will be required to observe the following proportions: for 8-10 parts of tomatoes, 1 part of carrots will be needed. For brine - 500 gr. salt on a bucket of water.


In this case, it will be necessary, on the contrary, to select ripe tomatoes. They should be small and firm. You do not need to tear off the stems - we leave them in order for the tomatoes not to lose their hardness, since their contents will not leak out. The hardness of our vegetables is then needed so that they can be cut into slices as fresh as possible.


Grate carrots. Putting tomatoes in a tub or on banks. Spread each layer of carrots.Add dill, red pepper, bay leaf, garlic. Fill all with brine. From above also we place oppression.


If it happens that by the end of winter your tomatoes begin to sour, proceed as follows. Take them out of the brine, wash them and put them back in, and fill with fresh water. This will extend the shelf life by another 3-4 months.


Cold pickling of green tomatoes


You can pickle green tomatoes for the winter too - it will also be very tasty.


For every kilogram of tomatoes you need 250 grams. sweet pepper, 150 gr. dill You will also need the leaves of black currant and cherry.


To prepare a brine for each liter of water, you need sugar (a spoon), salt (60 g), sweet pepper (10-12 peas).


To start the tomatoes need to soak. After each notch and lay tomatoes in pre-scalded banks. Fill the prepared brine. We cover each jar with a lid and leave them for 4-6 days.

Was the pickle cloudy? This is a signal to move the jar to a cool place. if this is not the case - the brine needs to be drained, boiled and poured again on cans, having rolled them over again.


After you have successfully coped with pickling tomatoes in a cold way for the winter, take care to create the right storage conditions for them. Such preparations are stored in the refrigerator or cellar.


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