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Concrete mixers, vibrators for concrete, knives for drilling machines - everything you need on site

Classic and modern equipment at the construction site

Even the global economic crisis does not significantly affect the construction boom in our country. This is not surprising: we have almost unlimited opportunities for projects of any complexity. A quarter of a century ago it was practically impossible to build a small two-story mansion, but today all restrictions have been lifted. You can build castles, build houses with underground garages, residences and commercial objects. Large-scale municipal construction solves problems, how to make cities more modern, corresponding to the century in which we live.

Implementing projects today is easier than a couple of decades ago.Construction companies have access to new technologies, and a wide range of special equipment and machinery on the market. By putting it all together you can get a tool for the implementation of unique architectural projects. Technologies and equipment make work faster, their quality is better, and costs less. Many companies offer the necessary machines, tools, and equipment, but experienced specialists trust only those who have a positive reputation in the market. Only from them is it possible to purchase reliable equipment at an affordable price that will function for many years, ensuring a high profitability of the processes in which it is used. One such supplier isRusInStroy, cooperation with which many capital construction companies are proud of.

Concrete mixer: a never-ending classic of a construction site

Construction work involves the use of cement meringue mortars. That is why the concrete mixer is a must-have equipment for the construction site. It is used for the preparation of concrete for pouring the foundation of cottages, plaster mixes, screed solutions.One of the most popular models isconcrete mixer SBR, the universality of which has no limits. The volume of the mixture obtained is sufficient to ensure the work of a team of bricklayers working on the construction of a cottage or dressers engaged in plastering flats of a multistory building. Compact dimensions allow using the equipment indoors, and the ability to connect to the 220V network makes it a desirable equipment for many homeowners.

Improving the quality of concrete structures

For ordinary people, concrete is synonymous with strength, but in reality this is not quite the case. Yes, we are used to the fact that products made from this material are the supporting structures of high-rise buildings and structures. But it is, firstly, about reinforced concrete, and secondly - it is also not forever. The main enemy of this material is water: getting into the pores, it freezes in them, and ice breaks strong concrete. That is why high-quality products are those that have a minimum number of cavities and other cavities, even the most microscopic. In the factory, concrete products receive the use of vibrocompression technology.Similar techniques are used on construction sites, where the solution is poured into the formwork. Used equipment such asvibrators for concrete. It is compact, easy to use, affordable price. In the assortment of the companyRusInStroya wide choice of this equipment, different performance and length of tips.

Accessories for machine tools

On construction sites, it is increasingly possible to see the equipment used for bending and cutting rebar. Construction companies prefer to provide themselves with voluminous structures for the frame of buildings. This makes their business more profitable. Anyone who knows how to count money will benefit from having high-quality components and consumables in stock. They have to be changed less often, which ensures continuity of work and its high quality. To such company productsRusInStroyrelateknives for the VPKmade of high quality steel. They have a simple design, are easy to install and are suitable for a wide range of machines for cutting rebar.


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