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Construction of modular buildings during a crisis

Modular homes during a crisis - this is the best option for residential and industrial buildings - due to their efficiency and speed of their construction. These types of structures are distinguished by a number of advantages - such as: low construction costs, minimal construction time, no need to build a foundation (in most cases). The company Artmetall, to the site of which you can follow the link http://artmetall.ua/modular-construction.html, carries out the construction of strong and durable modular structures "turnkey" - from project design and coordination of documents to manufacture and assembly finished construction.

Features and benefits of modular construction

Modular construction technology involves the manufacture of individual block structures at an industrial enterprise, which are then assembled into finished buildings and structures at the construction site. Modular houses are often erected without a foundation; only a concrete base is used for light constructions.This type of construction can significantly reduce the cost of construction - by reducing the time of construction, no need for preparation and storage of building materials, minimizing labor, etc.

Modular apartment houses have a number of such features:

  • Mobility. These types of structures can be used for the construction of permanent and temporary structures. Often these modules have limited standard sizes, but, if necessary, you can make designs for individual order.
  • The ease and durability of the overall design. Thanks to the use of modern load-bearing, warming and finishing materials, the construction is very light, which allows for the construction of a 1-2-storey building to be limited to a concrete base, without the need for a foundation. This saves time and money for construction.
  • For the interior decoration, pre-prepared panel materials are used, or, at the request of the customer, finishing work can be performed after the construction of the building. For the northern areas, the walls, ceilings and floors must be insulated.

The advantages of buildings built on modular construction technology:

  • Cost Effective. These types of buildings cost the owner two to three times cheaper than standard ones.
  • Reduced construction time. Buildings can be made and installed in 2-3 months.
  • Versatility. Modular structures can be used for the construction of residential houses, summer houses, industrial buildings, temporary houses on construction sites and country infrastructures.

To order low-cost modular homes in Ukraine, call Artmetall - we use only the best materials and components, and create loyal prices for our customers!


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