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Crafts from shells

Collecting shells on the sea beach, many of us don’t even know what beautiful handicrafts are made from seashells.

So what can you make from seashells?

• a panel;

• The candlestick

• beads;

• shell wood;

• photo frame or picture frame;

• figurines of animals;

• Applications;

• key chains;

• bases.

These are just the most common crafts that are easy to make from seashells with your own hands, and of course, you can easily invent something of your own. Seashells can decorate boxes, flower pots and even wall clocks. So, for crafts made of shells, you will need glue, varnish (possible for nails), paints and brushes. Shells should be rinsed in warm water and thoroughly dried.

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Seashell Tree

This craft will require very small shells, wire and glue,and if you want to make a colored tree - acrylic paints or multi-colored nail polishes.

• paint the shells and wait for the complete drying of the paint (varnish);

• take a wire and weave a tree frame from it;

• pour glue into each shell and put the shell on the wire;

• A shell tree can be installed in a vase or flower pot.

Seashell Pattern

In order to make a picture, you will need seashells of various sizes, shapes and colors, glue (preferably PVA or hot melt glue), a rectangular piece of cardboard, a frame. If your seashells are already washed and dried, then you can start composing the composition. Take a piece of cardboard and try to put on it the desired pattern, such as flowers or patterns. Or try to draw a sketch on paper.

If you are planning to make a picture of colored seashells, then paint the shells before sticking them on the cardboard. Acrylic paints are suitable for this. If you decide to make a seascape, then paint the shells in blue and green shades, if your picture shows flowers, then paint the shells in different shades.

Once you have decided on the pattern and prepared the shells, you can begin to create a picture. Gently stick the shells on the cardboard, and if you have any glue stains, they are recommended to be masked with beads or coarse sea sand. The color of the beads should match the color of the shells - just stick the beads where there are spots or smudges of glue.

Let the composition dry completely. Leave it for a day or even for a day. After that, you just have to insert the picture from the shells into the frame.


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