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Cupping anti-cellulite vacuum massage: all about the procedure

Vacuum massage, or, more simply, canned, has long and firmly occupied an honorable place, as a deeply loved and often practiced means of cellulite. He is practiced in cosmetology salons, but also actively used at home, which allows you to save a lot of money, because one session of such a miracle massage is quite a lot of money.

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The topic is vital, many interesting and exciting, you have not heard what vacuum massage is? We are happy to help you understand all the intricacies of this simple, but very effective procedure.

It is known that the first vacuum massage began to be practiced in Ancient China, where local and wise doctors believed that if a certain organ improves blood circulation, it will be much easier to cure.

To do this, they applied hollow bamboo and clay sticks to the sore spot, under which a vacuum appeared, and along with it the blood flow to the necessary area of ​​the body increased.And they, in many respects, were right, now vacuum massage, of course, is done with the help of modified devices, but the meaning remains the same.

Why canned vacuum massage is so effective and popular among the fair sex? First of all, a huge plus of this type is that it is easy to do at home, while carrying out a rather deep study of all cellulite deposits.

In essence, cellulite is a change in fatty tissue under the skin, so in order to get rid of this problem, it is necessary to restore its original structure.

To do this, cosmetologists recommend to burn the fat layer, and at the same time get rid of the extracellular fluid. So, just the same with the second problem, banks are coping one hundred percent, and also help in solving the first problem. Naturally, in order to achieve maximum results, it is necessary to engage in sports, as well as monitor your diet.

How does a vacuum massager remove intercellular fluid? This effect is possible if you create pressure on the skin with a certain force, which is achieved through massage with cans of cellulite.

During this procedure, the water is actually "squeezed out" from the surface of the fabric, after which it can come out naturally. In addition, during the movement of cans on the surface, blood circulation is improved and the metabolism of the subcutaneous layers is normalized, which, in turn, greatly helps in the fight against subcutaneous stagnation.

Naturally, one session will be small, it is necessary to carry out 15-20 procedures, after which it will be possible to note a noticeable improvement in the external state of the problem areas.

What kind of can massager is and where to get it?

Anti-cellulite massage is usually done with special medical banks, if you decide to do this procedure at home, as well as with specially designed for this purpose devices that are used in beauty salons. If you decide to do this massage at home, then you can choose vacuum cups made of rubber, silicone and glass.

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The latter can be with special suction cups made of rubber, can have different shapes and colors, as well as be equipped with pears, pumps, magnets, in general, each woman can choose a massager to her taste.Where can I buy cans for massage? More often and easier they can be found in pharmacies, but also they are sometimes sold in cosmetics and perfumery stores.

It is believed that glass jars are more effective than their silicone and rubber counterparts, but this is not quite the case; what matters is not how you do the massage, but how you do it.

In addition, massage jars differ in the method of application, for example, silicone and rubber “stick” to the body by lightly compressing their surface with the fingers, but with glass jars it is somewhat harder, if they are equipped with a pear, then it must be squeezed to form pressure, if it isn’t , you can use the old and proven way.

To do this, you need to make a wick (cotton wool wound on a shelf moistened with alcohol), after which it is set on fire and placed in a jar, which should be turned upside down. Thus, a vacuum forms inside the jar, and it easily "sucks" to the skin.

Banks can also be selected on the basis of their impact, for example, if you are going to do an anti-cellulite massage of “delicate” areas, for example, the stomach, inner thighs, handsit is better to use glass jars, massage with them is more delicate, and silicone and rubber jars are quite suitable for legs and buttocks.

How to do canned massage at home?

The main rule of vacuum massage is not to overdo it, such a procedure should not leave behind huge bruises, as well as bring hellish pains. The time of exposure to one problem area should not exceed 10 minutes, so that it is done much faster than manual massage.

Before proceeding with the procedure, it is imperative that you prepare your body for it, a contrast shower is best suited, after which it is necessary to warm the skin with massage movements. Contrast shower should last about 10-12 minutes, during which every 30 seconds switches the water temperature from cold to warm. The jet of water should move from the ankles to the buttocks, and then reach the abdomen, all movements are performed with massage movements.

How effective is massage with banks

After a contrast shower, thoroughly massage all of your problem areas, you can use special oils and creams, do not forget that the better you work on your skin, the easier and more effective the massage procedure will be.

Anti-cellulite cupping massage is best performed in conjunction with any massage or baby oil, this is done in order to better glide the banks on the surface of the skin. To do this, you can not use special anti-cellulite cream, as they are quickly absorbed into the skin, after which the slip procedure is difficult.

It is better if you want to achieve a greater effect, drop a few drops of essential oils of bergamot or orange into the already prepared oil, you can also add a pinch of mustard or cinnamon.

The massage itself is important to perform the correct movements: the bank is in the direction of the lymph flow, that is, moves from the ankles up, while the movement must be circular, and in the abdomen - clockwise.

After the end of the massage, it is necessary to wrap, for example, with seaweed, or to apply a slimming cream on the skin. Remember that anti-cellulite vacuum massage has contraindications: for sensitive skin, in the second half of pregnancy, for gynecological diseases, as well as for the tendency to varicose veins.

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