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Curtains of thread and how to hang them in the interior

Cotton curtains and muslin are a wonderful way to create a unique atmosphere in your home. Their softness and playfulness have a relaxing effect. However, the best feature of these curtains is that they can be used in dozens of different ways. Unlike ordinary curtains, they beautifully decorate not only windows, but also walls, doorways, and also act as interior partitions.

Modern thread curtains: a wealth of options

The material, color and finish of the thread curtains are chosen depending on your taste, style of decoration of the room and fashion trends. The combination of thread curtains with different colors will allow you to create a truly unique interior design. At the same time leading trends point us to simple and concise models of curtains, which will give the interior a calm, but not devoid of taste.

This season it is recommended to choose curtains of a thread of beige, olive, gray, lilac and other noble tones.Simple black cotton curtains - timeless classics, which in addition to the elegant look provides protection from the sun and privacy.

In addition to the color of the curtains, you can choose the original design. Among the available options are:

  • Spectacular modern curtains made of thick threads or strips of fabric;
  • Thin curtains filament Kise;
  • With beads, glass beads and other decorations;
  • Uniform or with a rainbow effect, an ombre, etc.

See examples of their use in the interior of the photo!

Handmade cotton curtains:

Named in honor of a light and transparent fabric, the muslin curtains consist of hundreds of thin threads and are therefore able to filter light beautifully. They can be hung and tangled in many ways, but they are incredibly good without it. Here are some examples of their use in the interior:

Cotton curtains create an exotic setting as interior partitions and wall decor. But even more exciting is the ability to play with their designs in different ways.


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