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Dandruff: causes and treatment of the scalp


Dandruff is a fungal disease of the skin, one of the varieties of dermatitis. Translated from the Latin word "dandruff" means "bran." It should be noted that the scabs of the exfoliated skin really resemble the mentioned product.

Almost every one of us faced the problem of dandruff. With all its routine and familiarity, dandruff is a medical term used in relation to the process of formation and exfoliation of particles of the epidermis with great speed. The disease can last from a few weeks to many years. It also happens that a person throughout his life can not get rid of this ailment. Dandruff is affected only by the code of the scalp. There are many methods and means to get rid of dandruff. You can list only some of them.

Dandruff: causes and treatment of the scalp

Where does dandruff come from: reasons

Predisposition to skin dermatitis of the scalp is observed in all people without exception.However, there are stress factors that are catalysts for the activation of disease development processes:

Changes associated with metabolic disorders are hardly the main cause of dandruff;
The manifestation of symptoms of seborrheic dermatitis in women is often caused by hormonal failures;
The list of diseases that may be the primary cause of dandruff formation includes: problems of the gastrointestinal tract, disorders in the work of the respiratory organs and the genitourinary system, reduced immunity, nervous disorders, etc .;
One of the situations in which it will be practically impossible to help a person is a predisposition at the gene level;
Failure in the normal functioning of sebaceous, and endocrine glands;
Abuse of foods that should be excluded from a healthy diet: coffee, strong tea, high in fat, spices and salt;

Mental and physical overwork;
Infectious lesions of fungal diseases;
Shampooing with too hot water;
Supercooling of the scalp. In particular, girls and young people who go without a headdress in the cold season;
Women are at risk. Excessive zeal in using special means for washing, styling and drying hair is a sure sign that dandruff will appear in the very near future;
Wrong headwashing schedule: too frequent or rare.

Dandruff: causes and treatment of the scalp

The following factors also influence the level of dandruff development:

At the age of 10 years the disease does not manifest itself ever. The disease develops during the pubertal period. This is due to the activation of all body systems under the influence of hormonal levels;
Mental disorders and a state of constant stress, depression.

Seborrheic dermatitis (dandruff) is manifested in the detachment and shedding of small particles of the skin, caused by a decreased sebum. During normal operation of the glands, this process occurs within a month. In this particular case, the period is reduced to one week.

As a rule, it is customary to divide the very manifestation of dandruff into dry and oily. But most trichologists tend to believe this statement is not true. Because dandruff is a consequence of insufficient secretion of the sebaceous glands.In case of excessive sebum secretion, exfoliated skin scales are attached directly to the scalp.

Itchy scalp: manifestations and causes

Dandruff causes itching. As a result of disruption of the glands, the scalp dries up and cracks. The damaged particles of the epidermis die off and exfoliate, causing itching.

Another reason for itching is the reaction to water and detergents for the hair. Incorrectly chosen shampoos, gels, tonics and balms can cause irreparable damage to the epidermis, and become a catalyst for the rapid development of the disease. There is a feeling that the skin is stretched, like a drum and irritated.

People suffering from dandruff, shy of its manifestations and try to hide them under hats or scarves. Another mistake is to bleach hair with chemical dyes. Some people do this to make light scales less visible. These methods not only do not help, they steam or dry the skin even more, which makes itching unbearable.

As a result of the disease, the fungus Malassezia is rapidly multiplying. That he is able to cause a feeling of itching.

Manifestations and symptoms of dandruff

Dandruff is indicated by the following symptoms:

Appearance of white "scabs" on the hair, shoulders, comb or inner side of the headdress. They are somewhat similar to talc or larger in size on a yellowish scale;
The appearance of dandruff (both oily and dry) is a signal that the body is experiencing painful changes;
Hair becomes dull in color, brittle and quickly grows fat near the roots;
If the disease is not treated, the “scabs” become larger, and the epidermis is crusted with an unpleasant odor and yellowish color;
Skin itching accompanies a person throughout the course of the disease.

Dandruff: causes and treatment of the scalp

What not to do with seborrheic dermatitis?

If you have already found out that you have dandruff, you can not treat it with the help of products containing alcohol in any proportions. This contributes to even more desiccation of the scalp, and exacerbates the situation;
Do not brush your skin, even if it is very itchy. You apply epidermis wounds into which the infection penetrates unhindered. Festering sores form on the skin;
As little as possible affect the skin and hair with chemicals contained in artificial hair dyes or products for washing and care;
Try to eliminate the daily use of hair styling products - chords, hair dryers or irons.

A few more words about dandruff

People suffering from hair loss often ask the question - can dandruff cause this disease. The true causes of alopecia lie elsewhere. But, as a catalyst, aggravating the problem, it can work.

Dandruff can appear in connection with the active work of fungi that live in the epidermis of the head and human hair. Trichologists prescribe for the treatment of dandruff, formed for the aforementioned reason, special antifungal shampoos.
Dandruff is a contagious disease. Each of us has fungi and bacteria that inhabit the scalp and hair. They are absolutely equivalent, but serve as a source of infection.
To choose the right shampoo for the treatment of dandruff you need to read the composition. It should not contain the sodium lauryl sulfat component. It dries the scalp.
Dandruff shampoos are not divided into female and male. The factors influencing the occurrence and development of seborrhea are the same for both sexes.
From dandruff can be treated with folk remedies. For example, infusion of burdock root or decoction of calendula leaves,nettle or birch buds - a great rinse, which is desirable to apply not only for infection with dermatitis, but also for prevention. In addition, there are a lot of folk remedies and dandruff masks that were used even by our grandmothers.

Some advise you to rinse your hair after washing it with a solution of vinegar or soda. However, this advice is not correct. For a while, it is a pain from the itch, but the problem will only aggravate.
A neglected disease can even spread to the ears. Many people who have been suffering from dandruff for a long time complain that a scurf similar to dandruff appears in their ears. Most likely, this is seborrhea.
The spots on the skin of the body are grayish in color with flaking scales characteristic of the symptoms of true seborrhea. This requires immediate treatment by a dermatologist and long treatment.
If you find dandruff in a child, immediately consult a doctor. The causes of this ailment in children are very serious, and you can not eliminate them by self-medication.
On the head of newborns there are yellowish-gray formations similar to fish scales. This phenomenon is called pediatric seborrhea.Cells of the epidermis of the head of babies quickly divide. At the same time, new ones are formed, and the old ones do not have time to peel off. In rare cases, this process is seen on the faces of infants. The time during which the full recovery should come from 2-3 weeks to 8 months. To eliminate infant dandruff, you need to lubricate your child's head with non-fat oil and leave for a few minutes. Scales can be cleaned with a soft cloth.

Dandruff: causes and treatment of the scalp

In older people dandruff is a consequence of seborrhea.
If you feel that you cannot cope with the problem on your own, consult a doctor. Most likely, it appeared as a result of some pathologies that the doctor will help to identify.
The composition of shampoos used to treat dandruff should include the following components: selenium sulfide and ketoconazole.

As a rule, at the first sign of seborrheic dermatitis, people turn to dandruff shampoos. The correct choice of tools will help make the doctor. In addition, the doctor will conduct a survey, prescribe a special diet, which includes foods rich in fiber.

Advantages and disadvantages of dandruff shampoos

The benefits of infantry shampoos include the following:

They have antiseptic, analgesic and relieving itching and inflammation effects;
Restores the normal work of the epidermis of the head, reducing the rate of cell division;
Accelerate flaking scales;
Activate metabolic processes in the skin;
Fungi activity is localized.

The disadvantages of dandruff shampoos include:

Possibility of development of allergic reactions;
Side effects in the form of burning and itching of the skin;
The presence of hypersensitivity to the components of the funds;
Ban during pregnancy and breastfeeding;
Ban on children under 10 years old.

Some of the shampoos are made on the basis of herbal preparations, the action on the human body which is not fully understood by medicine.

Means, having in its composition several active components, can enhance the therapeutic effect.

Methods of combating dandruff

You can treat dandruff yourself using the following guidelines:

Never use other people's hairbrushes, hair clips, curling irons, ironing and other hair care appliances;
Do not wear other people's hats;
Get on a diet.The use of fatty, sweet and spicy foods contributes to the progression of the process. It is better to eat more fruits, vegetables, herbs, dairy products, boiled meat and fish;
Drink more water. In the morning on an empty stomach drink a glass of warm water with lemon;
Dandruff shampoos are best bought and used according to the recommendation of a doctor;
If you daily make styling with the help of mousses, gels, foams or varnishes, wash them off before going to bed.

In cosmetology salons and specialized clinics you can offer proven methods of treatment with the help of the D-Arsenval apparatus, massage with the use of liquid nitrogen.


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