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Dates - useful and tasty fruits

Tell me, is it easy to find such a person who does not like dates? This wonderful oriental delicacy, which, no matter how sad it may be, falls on our tables not every day, has long established itself as the most useful and amazing sweetness in the world.

Few people know that the inhabitants of the beautiful and mysterious East literally do not represent their usual diet without such a product, it’s not for nothing that dates have long earned the reputation of “bread of the desert”.

Tasty and incredibly useful

Dates from time immemorial are the main way of sustenance and source of valuable vitamins and elements, they played an important role in the development and life of ancient civilizations. Probably, this is one of the first fruits that was cultivated and began to be used not just to satisfy hunger, but also to treat many diseases.

It all started with the use of ancient dates by ancient Arabs, who already seven thousand years ago knew very well about the unique beneficial properties of such a product.Their images can even be found on the paintings of Egyptian tombs and pyramids, judging by the ancient epistles, even vinegar and wine were prepared from them.

Not one Arab warrior, going on a long journey, would not have gone there without the obligatory two sacks of dates, which hung horses on both sides of the saddle.

Of course, even then they were convinced that they were able to prolong endurance and increase strength, moreover, they perfectly satisfied hunger and had healing properties. As you might guess, most of the date palms are in the Arab countries, the largest world importer is Saudi Arabia.

Other eastern countries are not far behind, and now dates are successfully grown in California (USA), Australia, Mexico and other countries of the world. It is believed that there are about 1500 varieties of dates, scientists argue that in fact there are so many that even advanced specialists do not always manage to figure them out.

Varieties and types

The largest and most impressive are the royal dates, which are not in vain received such a name, because they are twice as much and more delicious than ordinary varieties.Standard species have an oval shape and reach 3-7 cm in length, and also 2-3 cm in diameter.

You can make a tincture

There is a variety such as Canary dates, whose homeland is the Canary Islands, rocky and inaccessible terrain. They are grown in the form of ornamental and fruit crops, the leaves of such palms are actively used to treat many ailments.

But, for example, Chinese dates grow on the territory of the Mediterranean; they have the appearance of reddish-brownish small and very fleshy fruits. It is this variety that is part of many spices and mousses; they can be eaten both fresh and dried or dried.

Depending on the ripeness and amount of moisture in the fruit, all dates are divided into dry, semi-dry and soft.

Soft fruits contain the maximum amount of moisture, which is why they are more tasty, but stored less dry or semi-dry.

Not everyone knows that honey and even wine are obtained from dates, and date sugar is much more useful than cane sugar, which we are so accustomed to eat. In the Arab countries, palm flour is very common, which is made from the core of the date tree, as well as date juice, which goes through the fermentation process and becomes an interesting alcoholic beverage.

Beneficial features

Such amazing fruits contain a large amount of fructose and glucose (about 75%), they also boast a rich composition of salts (about 15) and minerals. It is believed that if you eat a good handful of dates every day, you can provide yourself with a daily rate of sulfur, magnesium and copper, as well as half the daily rate of iron and a fourth of calcium.

Eat them more often

It should be noted that date fruits also contain zinc, fluorine, manganese, boron, iron, potassium, cobalt and other minerals. We can not say about the presence of vitamins A, groups B and C, as well as niacin and riboflavin, pectin and dietary fiber, the amount of which constantly fluctuates.

It is also important to know that dates are a very nutritious product, which is distinguished by its high caloric content - in 1 kg of dried dates there are about 3000 kcal!

To be clear - this amount is the daily minimum for an adult, so it is not surprising that in ancient times they were the main food for travelers.

Needless to say, thanks to this property, they are not easily able to quickly satisfy hunger, but also quickly regain strength, and some scientists even believe that a glass of milk and a single date can satisfy the minimum human need for nutrients.

It is not superfluous to note that thanks to its special composition, date fruits have the most beneficial effect on the digestive system, cleaning it and putting in order the peristalsis. Many experts recommend them for use with intestinal disorders and dysbiosis, as they nourish the blood and maintain the body's acid balance.

Can replace dessert

Also, dates are very useful for pregnant and lactating women, as they contain special stimulants that help strengthen the muscles of the uterus, making the birth easier, and also reduces the period of postpartum hemorrhage. It should also be noted that such fruits enrich mother's milk with vitamins and useful microelements.

It is known that the fruits of date palms perfectly strengthen the heart, contribute to the development of certain parts of the brain, and, therefore, improve its performance.

In addition, they are an excellent prophylactic against many colds and viral diseases, a regenerating agent after serious diseases. Dates are useful for people who suffer from anemia, diseases of the chest and lungs,as well as a miraculous drug against male impotence.

Also, there are a huge number of recipes of dishes that help to lose weight, not depriving yourself of sweet. You don’t have any problems what to make of dates, because there are so many options.

How to choose the most useful dates?

In order for such fruits to be not just tasty, but really useful, you need to know exactly how to choose them correctly. First of all, their appearance will tell you: it is a mistake to think that brilliant fruits are the most useful.

Glittering surface dates may have been mechanically dried, which is accompanied by the use of various chemicals. Distinguishing such dates is simple: a large number of cracks appear on the shiny surface, and in some cases, the skin may even peel off.

With natural drying, cracks can also appear, but they are very small and practically invisible. It is best to buy fruit with a stone, because the probability of chemical treatment in this case is much lower.

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