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"Deadly attraction" and 9 new TV series in March

A comedy series about the girl Stella, who had been suffering from cancer for several years. Suddenly she finds out that she is well, and is experiencing a severe shock. It turns out that relatives, in order not to upset her, for a long time hid their secrets. To live in a new world in which tomorrow does not shatter death, for Stella is not easy and exciting.

"Deadly attraction"

Starts on March 7

Alteration of the "Deadly Attraction" of 1988 with Winona Ryder and Christian Slater. If in an old film, the heroine Ryder was poisoned by three malicious girls, then in the series a much more colorful characters are tortured by a classmate. One is a brazen, self-confident fat woman, the second is a cynical Asian girl, the third is a flirty young man who wears a boa. All, moreover, the name is Heather. When Veronica gets acquainted with the sympathetic Jay Dee, all Heather will be hard.


Starts March 8

A dynamic series about a team of policemen who, having put on their masks, robbed the bank, and then pretended that they were the first to arrive at the scene of the crime.The leader of the gang of corrupt cops is behind bars, and when it comes out, is forced to conquer lost positions again. In the role of the corrupt cop Sean Bean.


Starts March 9

Atmospheric series about the American soldier performed by Jared Leto in the service of the Yakuza. Events develop after the Second World War. Hero Leto help escape from a Japanese prison, but he must pay back for this, becoming a member of the mafia. Severe and atmospheric thriller, where Jared Leto will not only have to fight, but also learn psychological pressure.


Starts March 18

Cute procedure with a glossy and ironic Alan Cumming in the title role. Former CIA agent Dylan Reinhart became a successful writer and professor at a university whose lectures are a huge success. One day, he returns to the service to help detectives in New York stop a serial killer. So dramatically changes the life of Dylan one small detail: the offender operates on a book written by Reinhart himself.


Starts March 21

The series channel SyFy tells about the events that took place on the planet Krypton about 200 years ago.Krypton, if anyone does not remember, the birthplace of Superman. And the main character of the series is the grandfather of the future superhero. According to the plot (and the series is based on the Krypton World comics, created back in the 80s), a young grandfather named Seg-El will be forced to defend the honor of his own kind and fight for the survival of the planet. The producer and screenwriter for Krypton was David S. Goyer, who counted The Dark Knight and The Man of Steel.

"Fire Station 19"

Starts March 22

If you miss the honest, full of harsh professional romance work, the series about the fire department of the city of Seattle - what you need. And if you imagine that somewhere near the hospital in Seattle Grace, the characters of the series “Anatomy of Passion” work, it will get warmer in general.
Andy Herrera has always taken her cue from her father. She grew up and began to work in the fire department, under her fatherly beginning. The work is interesting. Not only that Andy has to face emergency situations and extinguish fires every day, so also sparks fly from her with a nice colleague Jack.


Starts March 25

Bill Heyder, along with Alex Berg and Guy Bodro, wrote the script and made an eight-part film about the former Marines Marine, who became a depressive brooding killer.One day, Barry took part in an amateur actor's production and realized that his vocation was not to kill people, but to play on stage. This view does not want to be shared by his client, but Barry still tries to combine two professions. It turns out funny!


Starts March 26

The screen version of the huge novel by Dan Simmons, dedicated to the Arctic expedition of two ships, "Terror" and "Erebus". These ships, chained in ice, could not swim further, and their crews disappeared without a trace. The first thing that this ten-series project is holding is the majesty and severity of the visual series. Three-masted ships, ice spaces, howling emptiness around - all this is recreated on the screen so vividly that I want to cringe and more comfortable wrapped in a blanket.


Starts March 25

Who is John Getty, we know thanks to the film "All the money of the world" by Ridley Scott. This time, the billionaire Getty, who kidnapped his grandson, is played by Donald Sutherland. Hilary Swank played the role of an inconsolable mother who lost her son, and the detective hired by John Getty was played by Brendan Fraser, whom we haven’t seen on the screens for a long time.


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