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Deer Horn USB Flash Drive

USB flash drive made of deer horn- master class, modding your own flash drive, keychain made of deer horn. Such a USB flash drive will be an interesting and unusual gift and will emphasize the individuality of its owner.

Materials and tools:

  1. USB flex;
  2. antler (option can be replaced with a branch from a tree);
  3. drill, drill;
  4. jigsaw;
  5. sandpaper;
  6. epoxy glue.

Step 1

Take a USB floppy drive and analyze it by removing the case. Before work, we will make the necessary measurements: we insert the USB floppy into the computer and note the place that will be inserted into the case. Now we take the deer horn, we note the length of the future flash drive body.

Step 2

Take a deer horn and with a jigsaw saw off a segment of the desired length from it, sand the place of the saw. Now "in the place of the cut" we note the place for the flash drive, for this we draw a rectangle slightly larger than the size of the flash drive.

In order not to damage the horn, we wrap it in cardboard and squeeze it in a vice. Let's proceed to drill a hole for a flash drive in the horn. In order not to be mistaken with the size of the groove, we note on the drill a place to which we will drill. After finished with drilling, we turn the workpiece (horn) in ticks and from the other end we drill a through hole for the chain.

Step 3

Take the workpiece clear of dust. Now we mix the required amount of epoxy and hardener, add some horn dust (remaining during the drilling time) into the epoxy glue. Fill the recess in the horn with 1/2 (3/4) epoxy, insert the USB flash drive and fix the USB flash drive.

If the epoxy resin was not enough, then prepare the second batch and pour it into the recess. We work with epoxy resin carefully so as not to seriously stain the horn and flash drive.

Leave until the epoxy resin hardens. After solidification, sand and finish the surface, where necessary. Insert a chain.


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