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Soft Toy Owl with your own hands

Children who have already learned to handle needles and cloth, with great pleasure try to sew a soft toy. The toy, made by own hands, with the soul, for a long time remains the closest friend. In order for the result of the work to please, and not upset the child, you need to select simpler schemes. For example, for beginners in the world of cutting and sewing, a feasible version of the product would be a soft toy owl, which even preschoolers can sew with their own hands.

Soft toy owl with your own hands

Soft toy owl with your own hands

The owl can be made of simple fabric or felt. A felt owl made of felt is convenient because working with this material is quite simple, but you need a good sewing machine to stitch it, or you have to put more effort into it. The craft of owl made of fabric is much easier to sew, but to create it you need to pick up non-slip and non-crumbling fabric at the edges, otherwise the child will not be able to make a neat product.

how to sew an owl in the easiest way.

What you need to prepare in advance for work:

  • material of various colors;
  • scissors;
  • pencil, crayon or remnant;
  • paper for templates;
  • flizelin;
  • filler (holofiber, sintepon or cotton wool);
  • safety pins;
  • sewing threads and needles.


On the paper, draw a rectangle, on top of the corners we make two pointed extensions of the lines. The result should be the body of an owl with ears. Also draw wings, oval abdomen, round eyes, "glasses" and a triangular spout. Cut out, outlines on the fabric. Before traversing the body, you need to fold the fabric in half.

Cut out the details of the fabric. We spread the wings, abdomen and muzzle (eyes, glasses and nose) of the owl on the front half of the body. Wings and abdomen fix English pins. We put small pieces of non-woven fabric under the glasses, eyes and beak, iron them.

 Ironing with iron

Ironing with iron

Pin with pins

We fix them with pins



Wings and belly sew on a sewing machine or hands.You can attach them with interlining, but the craft will be less durable.

We put together the two halves of the owl's body, with the outside facing inward. Stitch on all sides, leaving a small hole at the bottom.

We turn the product. We fill it with a filler, sew a hole.


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