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Do-it-yourself fireplace for the New Year

Outside, the snow crunches from the steps of passers-by, snowflakes sparkle in the light of lanterns, and everything is preparing for the New Year. You sit in a cozy armchair by the fireplace with a cup of coffee and make a list of gifts ... - Stop! And if I do not have a fireplace - what to do? - So make it yourself! We will tell you how! To make a false fireplace, you will need: an aluminum profile, drywall, facing tile, wooden board, screws, tile adhesive, wood stain, and patience! Stage One. Determine the dimensions of the future fireplace (width, height, depth) and the inner screen. We determine the location (if you do the backlight, focus on the sockets). We build the lower tier of the profile and fasten it to the wall. Further, it is better to sheathe plasterboard at once, so as not to injure yourself about the corners (checked!). Now we are constructing a sectional profile construction, which will be the "skeleton" of the fireplace. Do not forget about the selected screen sizes!
Do-it-yourself fireplace for the New Year
Stage Two. We sheathe our construction with drywall from all sides, not forgetting about the visor of the fireplace. If you have a screwdriver, a jigsaw and a cutter at hand, it will not take long.
Fake a fireplace for the New Year do it yourself
Do-it-yourself fireplace for the New Year
Stage Three. We lay out the body of a false fireplace with tiles. You choose the material to your taste - weight options. We used facing tiles in this case, although initially we wanted to dwell on a simplified version with PVC panels "under the brick". Tile the same "customize" and glue with tile glue or tile mastic. The screen can also be anything, the benefit of the Internet offers many variations. We have it from the same decorative material as the whole fireplace. So, we close the whole area, except for the top, where the table top will fall.
Fake a fireplace for the New Year do it yourself
Do-it-yourself fireplace for the New Year
Stage Four. Choose a tabletop. We stopped on a wooden board, after processing it with wood stain. Fix the tabletop with screws, when everything is completely dry.

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