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Do you need rights to the quad bike?

Roman Zhdanov
Roman Zhdanov
December 21, 2012
Do you need rights to the quad bike?

The quad bike is gaining popularity from day to day. A sufficiently large number of people in recent years gives preference to this type of transport. Among the fans of quadrocycles there are not quite decent people who practice dangerous driving style, do not think about any traffic rules and do not worry about driving licenses and other documents at all.

We, in turn, will not talk about it. Find out if you need the rights to the ATV and who can manage it?

How to get the rights to the quad bike

In order to become a full-fledged ATV driver, you will need not a license, but a special license of a tractor driver-driver (category “A”). Such a certificate gives the right to manage off-road motor vehicles, and it is in this category that the ATV falls.

For the issuance of this document is responsible "State Technical Supervision of Russia." Very interesting moment - in our country, ATVs do not exist according to the law. There are only all-terrain vehicles.The moment that a quad bike belongs to the category of "road" no one cares. As a result, it turns out that the rights to the quad cycle are the rights to the motorcycle tractor.

The procedure for the transfer of the rights

What is necessary for the delivery of such rights? Undoubtedly, you should know the rules of traffic rules. It is easier for those who already have the right to drive a car (category “B” and higher); such people do not need to pass the theoretical skills exam. But the surrender of the theory of the safe operation of special self-propelled machines is a mandatory item for everyone who wants to become a legal quad bike driver. By the way, this test goes first (before passing the traffic rules), the final stage is practical driving. If you successfully pass all the tests - you are a full-fledged ATV driver.

For admission, you need to write a corresponding application, present your passport, a certificate of medical driver’s commission (with open “tractor” points), photos and receipts of payment of fees to Gostekhnadzor.


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