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Doing a pedicure at home: choosing the right tools

The rules for choosing the necessary tools for a pedicure and manicure are almost the same. Acquire carefully made products that are conveniently located in your hand. Tools for manicure and pedicure should be sharp.
The blade should provide a good overview for surface treatment. High-quality blades move freely and allow you to remove even the most hard-to-reach burr.
Be sure to pay attention to the steel from which the tools are made. It is advisable to choose products made of solid stainless metal. Bad steel is soft, prone to the rapid appearance of stains and rust. In addition, it quickly grows dull.
For self care of toenails and feet, you will need to purchase:
- nail polish remover;
- scrub;
- pedicure forceps / nippers and scissors;
- nail files;
- lotion or foot cream;
- base and top coating;
- nail polish.
A good nail polish remover is able to cope even with the oldest and most well-fitting nail on the nail in 1-2 passes with a cotton swab. This tool does not dry the surface of the nail and the skin, after its application should not be whitish stains and traces. The composition of this fluid should not be acetone.
Lovers of natural cosmetics can use organic nail polish remover. For example, it can be made on the basis of lavender oil and soybeans.
Scrub is used after a warm foot bath. It eliminates the keratinous layer of skin, exfoliates its dead skin particles. Scrubs differ in the degree of hardness - to eliminate growths of different density.If you do not have a professional tool at hand, you can prepare a home scrub.
When the scrub is not enough to remove corns, ogrubelos and corns, use soft pumice stone. It comes in various shapes. Give preference to the one with which you will be most comfortable working.
Toenails need to cut with sharp and straight scissors, one movement in a straight line to prevent the ingrowth of the nail into the skin. You can also adjust the length of the nails with pliers or forceps.For smooth and even nails, nippers with a straight cut are best, which will not create nicks and cause delamination of the nail plates.
Pedicure files should not have sharp edges, otherwise you may accidentally damage the skin of your feet. Fine grain files are suitable for polishing and polishing nails, and tools with a high degree of abrasiveness are suitable for filing them, as well as for processing small corns and corns.
After treatment with a scrub, it is recommended to lubricate the feet with a soothing moisturizer. In the case of regular pedicure procedures, when you need to slightly clean the skin of the foot, apply lotions with a slight exfoliating effect. Such lotions and creams are available from many well-known brands.
Apply nail polish directly on the nails is no longer accepted. First you need to put a base coat that has a healing effect and protects the nail from penetration of paint and harmful substances from the varnish. This pedicure keeps on nails for a long time.
Choosing varnish for home pedicure depends on your preferences. Save on it is not worth it, because the legs should look beautiful and well-groomed.For foot varnish has its own fashionable combinations and trends, when choosing it, this moment should also be taken into account.
If you want the nail polish to hold onto the nails for a long time and not fade with time, always use topcoat. It will protect the finished composition.

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