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Entourage: what is it?

Ekaterina Ermolaeva
Ekaterina Ermolaeva
November 17, 2014
Entourage: what is it?

The term "entourage" is derived from the French word "entourage", which means "environment, environment".

What is it - the entourage?

Meaning of the word

Entourage is called the set of parts surrounding a process, or any people of the environment. Roughly speaking, the entourage can be compared with the decorations in which something happens. The role of the entourage is to create a certain atmosphere and mood. He sets the tone for what is happening and indirectly affects the perception of those who perform some actions in it.

The entourage is of great importance in the filming of films, in theatrical performances, in various interactive shows, when creating video games, as well as when designing a building or project. It is important to note here that entourage is often confused with the interior. However, the interior is only part of the surroundings. Entourage includes not only furniture and interior design, but also costumes, decorations for decoration, music and sound effects, if necessary - smells.

The setting for a romantic date is the simplest example of domestic surroundings.In this case, it may consist of candles, romantic music, hearts, incense and other things. If this is a theatrical performance, then the entourage is music, heroes' dresses, stage decorations, lighting. That is, the entourage creates the background, the overall atmosphere for a particular occasion. Green areas in the park are also an example of an entourage.

However, staffing is also used to create the atmosphere. Entourage and staffing - what's the difference?


Staffing is people, animals and vehicles, or figures of people, animals and vehicles used to emphasize the meaning of a particular picture, to enrich the atmosphere with new nuances and meanings. As an example, consider the layout of any construction company offering to buy housing in houses under construction. Companies often glue on table-sized mini-mockups to show what the area will look like after construction. And in order to revive these models, so that they do not create the impression of an extinct city, they are usually glued with figures of people or pets, and a pair of toy cars are attached to the parking space.


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