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Evan McGregor meets with Mary Elizabeth Winstead

The novel colleagues of the TV series "Fargo" Evan MacGregor and Mary Elizabeth Winstead was a shock for fans. When photos of a couple kissing at dinner appeared last month, there was no limit to outrage: after all, 46-year-old Evan was still married to 51-year-old French woman Yves Mavrakis, and no one announced a divorce!

Well, now everything is official: Evan moved out of his wife, with whom he spent in a happy marriage for 22 years and raised four children, and meets with Mary Elizabeth openly. Over the weekend, the paparazzi noticed a couple walking along a street in Hollywood - they looked like a brother and sister, held hands tight, and even the leather jackets for the walk chose the same. True, the facial expressions of both were extremely serious and focused. Perhaps Evan is still worried because of the negative reaction to the delicate end of his long marriage: the script “left my wife for the sake of a young actress” - not the most approved by the public (let's recall the story of Johnny Depp, who left Amber Heard Paradis).Mary Elizabeth at the time of the beginning of the affair with Evan was already free, so fans could not blame her in adultery: she and her husband separated after seven years of family life in May of this year and remained in warm friendly relations.


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