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Fabric Bird

How amazing and limitless are the imagination and mastery of human hands, which makes it possible to make from almost any small and nondescript piece of cloth something simple but interesting, and sometimes useful and symbolic, carrying some kind of invisible force. Preserved in the form of a tiny pupa, made with love and good thoughts, can be a faithful companion on the way or a talisman for the house. A toy made of a small piece of fabric, for example, a bird can be a good gift for a child (and not only) or a decoration for the interior of a room.
A fabric bird
For making feathery a friend needs only 4 items: threads, colored fabric in the form of a square in 20/20 cm format, synthetic winterizer and scissors.
 A fabric bird
Work order: Fold in half diagonal t Aneva square. First, turn one corner of the resulting triangle towards the middle, then the second angle.
Bird from the fabric
 Bird of cloth
 Bird from the fabric Then fold the side corners to the middle, then the resulting figure folded in half inside the folds.  Fabric bird
 fabric bird
Bird of the Tissue
Next, form the bird's beak, tied with a corner of the thread. Straighten the figure and, putting a piece of sintepon inside and forming a bird's head, tie a string.  Fabric bird
 Bird from the fabric
 Bird of the Tissue
Then put another sintepon and, having formed the body and spreading to the sides of the wings, tie up the thread. Bird from the fabric Bird of cloth Taking the thread, the back of the bird to bandage in the form of a cross and wrap each wing.The bird is ready.
 Bird of cloth
 Bird of cloth You can give such a nice bird to someone on some occasion, or hang it on a string above the table or under the chandelier. Fabric bird Enjoy your work! [/L_REPEAT]

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