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Fashionable beautiful jackets 2013 (25 photos)

Fashionable jackets in 2013 will delight us with their styles and colors. There is nothing better than to feel warm and comfortable in a beautiful jacket in cool autumn weather. To be healthy, you need to wear warm clothes, but it is also important not to forget about style and fashion.

Unfortunately or to our delight, we live in such climatic conditions that we can not wear shirts and shorts all year round. Not everyone likes the rainy and cold weather, but there is not much choice, so you need to be able to adapt to any conditions.

A jacket is a universal thing that can help you out at any moment. This is the perfect thing to create a feminine business image. Despite the fact that during the cold season we have to wear bulky items that obviously do not make us visually smaller, we still want to look slim. He is able to perfectly emphasize the waist, so in your wardrobe there must be such a thing.

In the coming year, designers have tried to satisfy the desires of all fashionistas.In 2013, a variety of models of jackets will be fashionable. Which ones? Read on.

Warm Cardigans

Next year cardigans will be more fashionable than ever. For those who do not know the cardigan, this is a tight-fitting jacket with a deep neckline. Most often it is buttoned, however there are models that are simply tied up with a belt.

In 2013, knitted cardigans will be relevant. So if there is a desire and time, you can easily knit a fashionable cardigan with your own hands. Next year, you can safely wear jackets up to the knee. Knitting can be both large and small. Pay attention to the buttons, they should be beautiful and big.

Cardigans may have an unusual cut sleeves. The color of the jacket can be both muted and saturated. Although it is better to give preference to the classic color scheme: blue, black, brown, white.


Short jacket favorably emphasizes the hips. Shortened models are present in the collections of leading fashion designers. Jackets - jackets look great with narrow pants, which at the moment, are at the peak of popularity. You can wear them and a pencil skirt and dress.They also go well with high-heeled shoes.

Chanel style

In 2013, retro style will be in fashion. Designers return to the fashion of the 40's and 50's. Jackets in a similar style resemble military overcoats. Coco Chanel loved such clothes, so jackets in such a cut began to be called by her name.

Chanel style jackets are usually fitted or slightly loose. In them, a woman should feel comfortable. Sleeves in jackets can be short. In jackets of this style is very beautiful finish. For example, a jacket made of drape is decorated with a leather collar. It is also possible to use small buttons and other small parts.

Romantic (fishnet)

Femininity will always be fashionable. Therefore, do not forget to buy yourself things that will emphasize your romantic essence. Naturally on the catwalks we see flirty models in luxurious fur jackets.

A woman should not be afraid to wear ruffles and lace. Topical openwork jackets, which at the expense of their airiness, make any girl tender.

Romantic jackets are made of simple fabrics and are often decorated with brooches or floral prints.


In principle, every year the most popular colors of jackets are: black, white and brown. Especially dark colors can be seen on the residents of all cities. Of course, it is convenient and practical, because autumn is most often dirt and damp. But, if you want to bring bright motives into your life, then buy jackets of bright colors.

It is not necessary to buy a light green or brightly crimson jacket, you can choose aquamarine, plum or burgundy.

In general, in 2013 all shades of red and blue will be fashionable. So be sure to buy yourself a bright jacket.

Remember the simple rule - the brighter the color of the jacket, the more concise it should be cut.

In 2013, you can afford to wear different clothes, but you just have to buy a fashionable jacket.

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