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Features of the procedure of laser fractional thermolysis

Preservation of youthful skin, prevention of premature aging, fight with wrinkles - all this concerns almost every woman caring for herself. But since the "elixir of youth" has not yet been invented, it is necessary to use other methods. One of the options is cosmetics, but more effective is cosmetic procedures, a special place among which is fractional thermolysis. Do not be afraid of the name, it is safe and effective.

Alternative method of rejuvenation

Unfortunately, the skin can not always remain supple and velvety. This is how our body works, that with age, the cells cease to function in full force, and the recovery processes slow down significantly. This leads to the appearance of wrinkles, sagging, dryness, deterioration of the appearance of the skin.

Photothermolysis is a minimally invasive method that is considered an excellent alternative to surgical "beauty procedures."It is based on the effect on the laser beam derma, which heats it and forms microthermal therapeutic zones on the surface.

This causes a “heat shock” in the cells. Old ones die off, and the stratum corneum is scraped off, thus triggering regeneration mechanisms. So thermothermolysis makes it possible to activate the production of elastane and collagen, and also to remove many surface defects.

Indications for

This cosmetic procedure makes it possible to solve a variety of problems, among which:

  • wrinkles and folds in the face and neck;
  • enhanced pigmentation;
  • sagging the skin on the cheeks, chin, under the eyes;
  • enlarged pores;
  • scars from acne and trauma;
  • acne.

This method is rarely prophylactic, but is suitable for both mature and young skin, with a high level of safety.

Conduct session

Now let's look at how fractional thermolysis is done. There are two types of procedures:

  • ablation;
  • non-ablative.

The first is indicated for women who have a high puffiness and serious age-related changes, since the laser used is absorbed by the water molecules of the skin.The skin is heated to 300 degrees, and thus contributes to the evaporation of excess moisture.

The effectiveness of this method is quite high, but the rehabilitation period is somewhat longer than that of the non-abilation method.

The principle of operation of the laser in this case is somewhat different. Moisture, which is in the middle layer of the skin, does not evaporate, but is processed without affecting the surface layer, which makes it possible not to leave microcracks.

The result can be seen only after 5 sessions passed, but the rehabilitation period is much less.

Advantages and disadvantages

Fractional thermolysis has several significant advantages.

  1. Suitable for everyone. Any type of skin, its condition and even the gender of the patient does not matter.
  2. Efficiency. Often, after the first procedure, significant improvements are noticeable - the pores narrow, the swelling goes away, the skin surface is leveled.
  3. Extensive range of treatment areas. Often, universal cosmetic methods do not capture the line of the lips and the delicate skin around the eyes. Thermothermolysis allows you to remove wrinkles and wrinkles in these areas, and to achieve a rejuvenating effect.

But the procedure has some disadvantages.

  1. After ablative heat thermolysis, microranium remains on the skin, so there is a risk of infection of the middle layer of the dermis. In this case, the beautician should explain to you the basic rules of face and body care in order to avoid complications.
  2. It is necessary to be prepared for the fact that redness will persist for some time, peeling and itching are possible. Such processes indicate the completion of the rehabilitation process. But while the skin is restored, you can not be in the open sun and walk in windy weather.

It is also worth knowing in which cases the use of nanolaser is contraindicated. Refuse to have, if:

  • you are pregnant or breastfeeding;
  • you have cancer or diabetes;
  • there are herpes or any dermatological diseases in the area of ​​the procedure;
  • if tanning has been applied to the skin, or you have recently visited a tanning bed.

In the rest of the fractional thermolysis is an excellent means of combating skin aging, having a high lifting effect. A visible result will appear after the first time, and in the case of passing the course, you can forget about other rejuvenation programs for at least several years.

Love yourself, care for your skin and be happy with the result!

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