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Movies about Chernobyl, which must be seen

About a terrible accident that occurred 30 years ago at a nuclear power plant in Chernobyl, probably, everyone knows, because on that ill-fated day in the air, a colossal number of radioactive substances was thrown out. All the insidiousness of the tragedy was that the danger was invisible and, at first, the experts could have assessed the horror of what had happened, who were directly involved in servicing the nuclear power plant.

All the civilian population, unsuspecting, continued normal life - people gathered for work, for a walk, to the store and for business, they did not yet know that very soon they would all be evacuated without the right to go back and even collect personal things.

Since then, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge, and the so-called 30-km-long exclusion zone, in which, in the literal sense, many small settlements are buried, has acquired many myths, questions and fears.Find the answers to your questions, as well as just to get deeper into the essence of the tragedy, you will be helped by the best films about Chernobyl, which, to date, have already gathered a lot.

It must be said that it’s still impossible to call them masterpieces of world cinema, perhaps too fresh and deep after the catastrophe makes you think hard not only about specific events, but also about life, power and the country as a whole. These are films that can hardly be with a good ending, but still they should be seen by anyone who is interested in such topics.

  • Aurora, 2006This film is unique even if it is completely Ukrainian, its director is a woman, and the main character is a little girl who has been unlucky in life. Aurora, a pupil of the local orphanage in Pripyat, received an excessively large dose of radiation, which, in fact, signs her death sentence. The only chance for salvation is an expensive operation in the US, where she is sent for treatment. At the overseas clinic, little Aurora meets the American ballet dancer, who has been in deep depression for a long time.Meeting with a child who is on the verge of death, greatly changes the views on the lives of people around her, including the new acquaintance of Aurora.
  • On Saturday, 2011Another interesting film on the subject of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, from Russian director A. Mindadze. The picture unfolds on Saturday, the day after the accident occurred. Everything happens quite normally on this day, because for most civilians it’s just another holiday. The main character accidentally manages to learn all the terrible truth about the tragedy, and he faces a choice: either to save people, or to follow a strict order "from above" and not to sow panic. Of course, the film is not without its shortcomings, however, the play of actors and the work of the director still deserves some praise.
  • The Land of Oblivion, 2011Next on the list is a Russian-French drama, the main plot of which is based on events in the life of one ordinary girl from Pripyat. She, like many others, was the victim of a terrible accident in 1986, which at one moment destroyed everything that was so dear to her: youth, lives of loved ones, as well as her own health.You can not take this film as a real picture of what is happening at that time, here, of course, there are copyright exaggerations and blunders in visual design. However, if you close your eyes to all this, then this movie really should look.
  • Battle of Chernobyl, 2006This film cannot be called artistic, rather, it is a high-quality and fairly truthful documentary story from an American director about the exclusion zone. Thanks to computer graphics, materials from video archives and the words of eyewitnesses, a rather complete picture of what happened on that day, as well as little-known facts of the consequences of the accident, were recreated.
  • Year of the Dog, 1994Another Russian-French drama from director S. Aranovich, who was awarded the Silver Bear at a festival in Berlin. The plot of the film unfolds against the background of the lives of two people - the lonely Faith and the former prisoner Sergey, who, on the occasion of life, find their happiness in God-forgotten village in the exclusion zone. Sincere feelings and the Chernobyl tragedy are sadly and closely intertwined in one film that will surely find its viewer.
  • "Decay", 1990One of the first films that were filmed quite quickly after the accident occurred, perhaps that is why many of the events in it look as plausible as possible. The film shows the fate of individual characters who had to go through a catastrophe and somehow live with it further. The tape uses a lot of archival records, which makes it possible to call it a documentary.
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